October 30, 2009 | takki |

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Time forth 世界が変わり果てても
Give me ONE NIGHT, ONE NIGHT  忘れないように
Give me ONE NIGHT, to making love すべてが始まるここから

100年 1,000年  その先に 繋ごう
永遠 の 声を風吹く大地に

Give me ONE NIGHT, ONE NIGHT くじけないように
Give me ONE NIGHT, to making love すべてが始まるここから
ONE NIGHT, to making love すべてが始めるここから

lyrics courtesy of A-san and bon-chan ♥

I really love this song. It was stuck in my head for months after I went to the show in January (wow, couldn’t believe it’s almost a year already!!). I remember being all (´▽`) when I first heard it, simply beautiful (yeah, I meant both Takki and One Night LOL and stage setting was awesome with the rotating ship and forest and ocean~). Ballad rules! Ero lyrics makes it even better! LOL

BTW, where’s the DVD from this butai?! AVEX!!


4 Responses to ONE NIGHT

  1. Eva says:

    Naughtiest!!!!! I need this song!!!!! Really!!! When I went to see the butai I loved sooooooooooo much this song. I’ve been looking for a year!!!!! Naughtiest please, can you send me this song to my mail? Please!!! m(_ _)m
    I need it!! XD Seriously!

  2. Eva says:

    I’ve got it!!!! Can I post on my blog???

  3. naughtiest says:

    umm.. I see you managed to rip it off my blog :\

    sorry but no, DO NOT post any of my recording on your blog or elsewhere. Please wait for the DVD to come out if you want this song on your blog. Hope you understand.

  4. Eva says:

    OK, no problem ;)

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