oh god…

December 28, 2007 | et cetera |

Cooking and whining should never ever occur at the same time.

I was prepping last night’s dinner while telling my brother how suck it was that I didn’t go to T&T concert. The next thing I knew was a sharp pain on my finger. I told my parents that it was just my nail, but then the bleeding started -“-

It’s very difficult to type without using my left index finger. Maybe I shouldn’t whine that much… -__-”

I caved.

I called my travel agent today. And now I’m running around like a headless rabbit.

UA has a special fare going on right now. $655 for roundtrip tickets, but I have to buy it before 12/31.

before 12/31 = before I’m going back to work = before I can ask my boss if I can go…..





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