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October 29, 2009 | et cetera |

It all started with a headache last night.

I went to bed early after watching the Phillies beat the crap out of the Yankees (HA!) in game 1 of World Series. Cliff Lee was so awesome! And that behind-the-back catch was so cool! He should have got a complete game shut out though, you failed at fielding, Jimmy Rollins!

Anyway, I went to bed to sleep my headache off, and still woke up with some leftover. Knowing that I’d be in a meeting almost all day today, I couldn’t live with a headache. So I popped the infamous pink pill my doctor prescribed me.

It worked like magic, headache totally went away.

I thought I could get away with dizziness this time, but I didn’t.

After getting to my office at 7-ish, I started feeling nauseous. So, around 8-ish, I told my boss that I was dizzy, a lot that I couldn’t keep my head up straight. He asked if I wanted to go lie down somewhere, on the massage chair (yeah, we have one in our office lol) or in my car? I was in a tough employee mode, I told him I was okay.

Fifteen minutes later, I stumbled to his desk and told him I was gonna be in my car for 20+ minutes (so much of being tough LOL). He was pretty concerned and asked if I wanted to go check it out at the Medical Center. I declined and made a beeline from the office to my car, set my cellphone alarm, and passed out.

I got back in the office again around 9am, still dizzy but at least I could walk straight. My boss asked if I wanted to go home, but we had a 5-hour review meeting with finance director coming up at 10am, so I told him I would be fine after the drug wore off.

Well, the thing is, this friggin’ pink pill happened to have a long lasting effect on me this time!

I sat through the first half of the review, suppressing an urge to run to the bathroom and throw up. lol It wasn’t helping either that we’re running behind schedule so we didn’t get to have lunch until almost 1pm (when the scheduled lunch break was at noon and my usual lunch break was 11am!). I felt like fainting by the time our pizza lunch arrived (our director bought us lunch to save time, so we didn’t have to go out lol thank you sir!)

After the break, I still felt a little lightheaded, but other than that, the review went well, we caught up and finished only half an hour behind schedule. I drove us back to our building, and while I was looking for a parking spot, my boss told me to just drop him off and go home (and take Friday off). I guess I still looked kinda pale. In fact, I was still dizzy.

So I got home before 4pm, take a quick shower and passed out.

Woke up for dinner around 6pm, good as new.

Life is back to normal.

I swear I will never ever touch this stupid pain killer again.


btw, I need to say this repeatedly: I have the best boss on earth, seriously.


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