[manip] TxT/VF crossover

December 27, 2007 | ps-tt, takitsuba, vf |

I’m so going to get killed by both T&T and VF fans -__-”

Blame it on Tsubasa.

Until I get to see something from Nagoya Do.Me.Crazy *prays* this shall be my fantasy!!

[Viewfinder] is my most favorite yaoi manga, Yamane-sensei has been doing such a great job on this series, her artworks are super gorgeous!! Asami is basically an ultimate seme/SEXGOD coming down to earth. A cold heart bastard who actually cares for his uke, but would never ever admit that fact (for now!). Wet Asami = dead fangirls, I’m telling ya. To keep my blog at PG rate, I shall not go into more details on other yummy scenes. XDD On the other hand, Akihito is a photographer who specializes in finding troubles (or trouble seeks him sometimes xD). He’s definitely not a weepy type as most uke are, that’s why he’s such an uke of my dream! LOL


I thought I was bad enough when I made Asami wear a Phantom mask, but this one is far worse XDD

manip under cut to prolong the ‘getting killed’ part ^^” Do not click if you’re easily offended by BL images. You’ve been warned.

Close enough? LOL I couldn’t seem to find the right angle scan, but this will have to do for now *LOL*

*edited* ooh, almost forgot the chain xD


6 Responses to [manip] TxT/VF crossover

  1. ryther says:

    *faints* I must say their angle do look a bit weird but I get the idea and CHAINED TSUBASA….yesh~ can I have him for dinner,Takki-cama?*hides*

  2. tsubaholic says:

    It’s brilliant Naughtiest!!!
    You found the perfect angle for Takki’s head too!!!

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Takki’s face looks like, “take me now”.

  4. luinlote says:

    This is absolutely brilliant! And I think I must look up this Viewfinder-manga now… *__*

  5. Nikki says:

    nosebleeding…need ambulance … but maybe Takki needs it more than we do LOL

  6. naughtiest says:

    # ryther
    I think dinner is out of the question as Takki will shot you dead before you even lay your fingers on his kitty xD

    # tsubaholic
    ROFL Glad you like it! it’s all because of that Do.Me.Crazy! Plus, Yamane-sensei herself thinks [Akihito = Tsubasa-kun or Yamapi] xDDD

    # stephi-chan
    xDDD I think he looks like he’s in heaven already *runs*

    # luintote
    YES YES! Please try Viewfinder series!! Yamane Ayano is absolutely brilliant~ The first chapter gives me nosebleed just thinking about it! XDD

    # nikki
    ROFL!!! maybe he fainted already? XDD

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