Go Phillies!

October 27, 2009 | et cetera |

Back to back! Back to back!

Not that I’m a big Phillies fan or anything, but NYY is simply an evil empire with too much money. LOL

And this familiar voice clearly agreed with me ;)

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ps. if you’re using Safari, chances are you won’t be able to play this 1-second clip (yup, it’s that short), it’s the plug-in’s fault, not me~ lol

I’m exhausted.

So many things are going on during this business planning cycle. Headache-inducing stuff. Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. Not to mention we’re running on an extremely short staff (my other coworker went on a special assignment right before a business plan kickoff, leaving just me and my boss behind! how shorter could it get?! gah)

Add that on top of this allergy-like thing I’ve been fighting off. I don’t even have time to go see my doctor!!!

Good thing is it’ll all be over soon. Hopefully, I’ll get this Friday off.. unless another hell breaks loose….

I got amazon.co.jp shipping notice yesterday. I didn’t even know when I pre-ordered Takki’s kimi ga kureta natsu DVD, must be an instinct taking over at some point during my David Cook flailing weeks? LOL

Which, reminds me that I still haven’t posted my blogs on Tsu’s D&R dvd and Takki’s Hikari Hitotsu.. totally, no excuse.

well, to my defense, I’m usually busy drooling while watching Tsubasa that I didn’t want to sit and type at the same time! and it’s Takki’s third single in 2009..

You know I’d never fail to do this review blog on T&T release date.

oh well.


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