(♪ red hot and green light)

See how creative a subject line can be when I need sleep almost more than oxygen? lol now I’ll have to do other colors too! :P

ETA: OMG I should make a MAGIC RAINBOW wallpaper series!! *runs*

Busy week, lots of things to do at work, tons of stuff to do at home, restless nights, gloomy weather, sick like a dog, but this photo has been screaming ‘SEX’ at me for almost 2 months now, I just couldn’t push it off any longer~ XD

Anyway, even though it’s the first caption I was thinking about, it’s pretty inappropriate to put words like ‘SEX FACE’ (umm..no, I’m not missing a ‘Y’ lol) or ‘ORGASMIC’ on a computer screen that can be seen by the entire office when I dock my laptop to a projector in our conference room, so I settled for BBS lyrics, for now. lol

1024×768 || 1280×800

Enjoy~ :)


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