The Totally Lost Symbol

October 4, 2009 | et cetera |

I finished reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol last night.

To sum it up in one word: SERIOUSLY?!

Yup, that’s pretty much it~ LOL

cracks/spoilers behind cut, proceed at your own risk!

iPhone! Dan Brown!!! You seriously haven’t seen those stress tests when iPhone came out! The phone totally works AFTER being run over by a car. The screen cracks, yes, but it’s still functioning!!! LOL

Awesome! At the beginning, Robert Langdon wished this word would be banned when his student said it, BUT, a hundred pages later, he did use this awesome adjective to describe the pyramid (or whatever)! More than once!! Oxymoron much, Professor?! XD

Who wouldn’t know that Mal’akh = Zach? or Zach = Inmate 37?

Speaking of that, Soganlik Prison has that few prisoners? LOL Zach was totally brand sparkling new to this brutal prison, but his number is only 37?! Impressive!

How did Zach manage to still have money all these years? After all his spending during his playboy life, then his obsessed life, without working? Even with billions of dollars, it should run out!

Katherine’s research annoyed me to no end! Supposedly, this research would change everything! Half-way through, it went kaput in order to be backed up by Peter. So much of  a SECRET project in a totally ISOLATED cell!!

The pacing of this book was insane. They had time limit to find the clue, yet, they’re still talking and explaining stuff like they had all the time in the world. And every time, it’d be like, ah, it’s like this this and that, oh, you have to go to the next dude who’ll help you now.

Wax.. something in your bag? *shakes head*

ABYSS!!! Seriously, who thought that Langdon would die? Once he inhaled, I thought of the movie right away, and DB totally mentioned it too! LOL

And the fake answer is.. TARGET! ROFL!!

Sato’s national security issue cracked me up. For real. Why didn’t she just show Langdon the video from the beginning so they could be on the same side? Instead, she just dodged the question and just repeatedly said that it’s a NATIONAL SECURITY matter.

The Masons, so much of being a brotherhood, don’t they have to do a serious background check or something before taking someone in? 33x rituals, no one caught that he’s wearing a wig, make-up, and having tattoos?

It was hilarious that Zach always said that transformation was his gift, so why the hell whining that his father couldn’t recognize him? xD

And it was even more hilarious that he’s mad at Peter for shooting Andros at Zach’s bridge. Dude, you told your dad that you killed his son (and also you totally killed his mother who’s your grandma!), who wouldn’t want to shoot you? Something’s wrong with the logical part in your steroid brain! LOL

I think basically everyone in this book had communication problems! XD

The only character I was rooting for was Mal’akh, because Mal’akh managed to fool everyone from the Masons to CIA (I even love the way he killed Trish!), while Robert Langdon happened to be very annoying in this book. He’d be like no no, it cannot be like this this and that. Jesus, after all he’s been through in Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, anything could happen, dude!

I’d never been to DC but once they mentioned the spiral staircase underneath a pyramid, I thought of the Washington Monument right away, while Langdon was like no no nooooooooo, there’s no pyramid, no staircase no no!! LOL

At first, I really thought that, wow, once Zach tattooed the last symbol on his head, he’d have super power, you know, ESP kinda thing.

But at the end, he’s just a crazy guy! A crazy guy who bought a $1.6 million knife so his daddy could release (aka KILL) him! UGH! So, he spent all these years climbing up the Masons ranks, in order to die and join the devil rank in hell?

So Peter got his hand cut off, found out later that his son was alive and soon died again. Still, he was in a mood to take Langdon out for a tour, giggling and snickering all the way. Is this some sort of a trauma?

The LOST WORD was… x__X”




btw, did the Redskins win?

There should be more, feel free to pitch in~ LOL


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  1. Anon ymous says:

    Why don’t you learn to write a coherent statement without the use of “LOL” and present your argument in an educated manner? You sound ignorant as all hell in this rambling, jumbled and embarrassing tirade of a review.

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