December 25, 2007 | et cetera |


Santa hates hates hates hates hates me!

The ONLY reason I decided not to go to Japan this month is because I definitely could not go to Japan for the third time this year and not go back home to visit my family, and plane tickets from SEA-NRT-BKK-SEA = $2700 something. So, no Japan, no T&T concert…..

Then, all of a sudden, I’ve just called home today, and no one was there. All my aunties and uncle. They are currently in Japan. IN JAPAN! Leaving Bangkok last night (12/24) TO JAPAN!!!

Damn it!!!! Timing would have been perfect! I could have just gone to all T&T shows and hung around to meet them on 12/25-12/28


Last time I’ve checked, they said they’re going to Russia or somewhere else, but definitely NOT JAPAN.


Man, this sucks.


3 Responses to ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  1. a-san says:

    โอ๋ๆ อย่าร้องไห้ มาใหม่ปีหน้านะจ๊ะ

  2. naughtiest says:

    แล้วใครจะ ballot ตั๋วที่นั่งดีๆ ให้เรา? แงงงงงงงงงงง

    ปีหน้าไปด้วยกันน้า เอซัง ฮาา ^^

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    OUCH! That totally sucks.
    I’m sorry everything turned out like that.
    That would make me want to throw myself off a cliff — yikes.
    But look on the brightside — the spring tour is not that far away! XD Hang in there!

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