random hump day

September 23, 2009 | et cetera |

having a headache since last night, couldn’t sleep it off, so before going to work, I popped the shocking pink pill my doctor gave me

totally effective, headache was gone, but I was left with dizziness all day

awesome… LOL

which one is worse?  →  [I’m your father] or [You’re my son]

me no likes sharing boss with another group

want to read Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol but don’t want to start on weekday

still need sleep to function at work~

12 moons 7 stars 9 suns

promoting tourism in Thailand with amazing places to go see in 12 months – 7 awesome places for nighttime and 9 fantastic spots for daytime

I’ll probably have to move back home to hit all these places LOL

anyway, thinking about going to this one.. pretty eh?


is there any friend on my facebook that isn’t addicted to farmville and mafia wars? x_X”

and oh, amazon.co.jp …




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