Woooohooo! No more work for 2007!!! *beams*

Here’s a short T&T interview clip from Johnny’s Family Club. Takitsuba looked very cute, happy and genki. From their outfits, it must have been during that super cute Popolo shoot! (^__^)♥

The last 3 seconds got cut short, please don’t try to chop my index finger off. But basically, T&T were smiling/giggling while walking off the frame. Then there were a series of 15-30 seconds CMs for Samurai and Best of Album which last almost 5 minutes as I saw Avex logo for at least 20 times (why couldn’t they just let Takitsuba talked for 5 minutes instead? -__-).

You can hardly hear them talked, blame it on those fangirls in front of me. They belong to either one of the two younger groups that have 6 members *coughs* Though I think it was hilarious hearing them disappointingly whined every single time there’s more Best of Album CM popped-up on the screen. *LOL*




4 Responses to [JFC] 2007.12.02 – T&T interview

  1. Tongari says:

    Thanks for this! Those fangirls were kind of irritating… but it was worth it for giggling T&T. XD

  2. bunsie says:

    eee! thank you~ they look all smiley-smiley! yay! :DD

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    Those fangirls were (v__v) They don’t realize that T&T is the best. They need to be educated XD LOL.
    Thanks for this…so many T&T smiles!

  4. naughtiest says:

    we all should get together and go outnumber those fangirls at the FC! XDD

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