Hood Anal, WA

September 20, 2009 | photo, trip |

I have about 24 million things to blog about…backlog backlog..LOL


Yesterday (Sat 9/19), uncle Jack and his wife called my parents in the morning, inviting them to a crabbing trip (catch fish = fishing, catch crab = crabbing, desho?). My dad opted out to stay home and watch Huskies (beat USC bwahaha!) and Cougars (beat SMU, GO COUGS!) games. So mom asked if I wanted to go. The weather was kinda gloomy, but being a good daughter, I said yes. LOL

I didn’t even know where we’re going!

Uncle Jack picked us up around 9am, heading north for almost an hour to Kingston Ferry in Edmonds. Oh, so we’re heading to Hood Canal.

I’m prone to motion sickness by default, so the 20-minute ferry ride totally got me (but I do love riding roller coaster though LOL). I spent the next 30 minutes on the car feeling miserable on the way to our destination.


Klaus, a friend of uncle Jack’s friend (or uncle Jack’s friend’s friend) bought a 5-acre land near the Great Bend of Hood Canal back in 1984. He then spent 15 years building this vacation home by himself. His wife, Annie, told us that he was an architect in Austria before he moved to the US. He told me a lot of cool stories about the area, and how he built this place. Totally awesome.

The house started off with just a small living room and a bathroom, then he expanded it by adding 2 bedrooms and a deck. Satellite dish was added when his son was old enough to addict to TV LOL


Klaus also built a small one bedroom guest cabin which he also used as his pottery studio.


Another thing I really like was the beautiful trail around the house.


I felt really peaceful there that I wanted to fall asleep to the sound of raindrops. It’s amazing how relaxing it was, away from the city and back to the nature. :)




It was raining pretty hard for a few hours, so we had to wait for a while before we drove to their private beach for some crab catching! It’s still raining cats and dogs, so I didn’t haul my camera along, cellphone would have to do~


The beach was really nice and quiet with tons of oysters on the beach.. I was okay as long as they didn’t pry the thing open…



Klaus and his friend took the boat out to drop the cage thingy for the crab with yummy salmon as a bait. While waiting for the poor crabs, Klaus took some of us out on the boat to see the area. I didn’t go because puking at Hood Canal didn’t sound very tempting to me LOL

The rest of us on the beach started collecting oysters. Klaus told us that they had too many oysters that he usually had to catch them and sell to the restaurants.


Three 5-gallon buckets full of oysters, and six tiny clams later, we still had no crab, so we left the cage out there again and drove back to the house to start dinner.


No, I did not eat that thing. Clam, oyster, geoduck, and entire mollusca phylum sorta scare me… eww.. So yeah, I had sausage, potato and salad for dinner LOL

Funny shot. I flipped through National Geographic magazine earlier that day and saw this oyster photo. Then later that evening, uncle Jack’s wife brought this dish inside the house! I redecorated it a little bit, and tada! We could be in the magazine too! LOL


The guys went back to the beach with the hope of seeing some poor crabs. Turned out, they didn’t set up the trap properly, all salmon baits were gone, but no crab left behind! LOL Come back and have some sausages guys~ :P

It was a really nice and relaxing evening. Klaus and Annie’s friends were super nice and funny. They traveled to a lot of places around the world so they had sooooo many stories to tell. I really enjoyed their company.

Klaus totally wanted us to spend the night, but we weren’t prepared for that so we promised him we’d definitely go back to take up his offier~ We even talked about camping on his land, well, I hope it’s next summer though, camping in winter wasn’t high on my wanna-do list!

On the ferry ride back home, I saw this ferry route map and laughed my butt off.


I spent my Saturday at Hood Anal.


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