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December 27, 2006 | 12pix, photo |

Another year has (almost) gone by. These are 12 pix to represent my 2006 ^^


Chewy is my friend’s baby, very huge for a 9-months-old puppy ne~ ^^ He’s one of the most adorable dogs on earth. Anytime I walked outside the house to use my cellphone, no matter what he’s been doing, he’d always follow me out and stand guard right next to me XD

Obviously, my first trip to Japan dominated the second month of the year. I couldn’t even pick one picture out of 2000+ that I took, so I’ll let my childhood hero be the icon for this month! *runs*

Moving back from the downtown office to UW campus, just in time for this beautiful cherry blossom season. ^^

Kinda weird weather to go to the Tulip Festival at Skagit Valley, dark sky and super cold weather. Surpringly enough, it made these tulips stand out in a different way compared to sunny sky. ^__~

Moose Man
I went to the Mariners game earlier this season and saw this guy. His jersey said “Moose Man” and he had about a hundred of Mooses (of course, the M’s mascot) around his neck. I bet it’s heavy, but kinda neat ne~ ^^ (okay okay, the M’s suck big time (again) this year -___- but as long as THAT evil empire didn’t get the World Series title, I’ll live! *runs*)

Mum bought me this T-shirt since I went to school at WSU but worked for UW during that time. And yes, a lot of people at the office teased me that I’m a Coug-Dawg hybrid ^^”

The fact that it’s La.Ven.Der should be more than enough, right? *giggles*

LOL, a pix from T&T 2006-2007 Calendar, for the month of August and September. Ouch! Don’t hit me just yet! *pouts* I barely touched my camera back in August, let me cheat for a month! Well, in fact, Takitsuba pix really makes sense for 2006 as earlier this year is when my T&T obsession started. *runs* XDD

a souvenir from my best friend’s wedding in November 2005. I brought it back with me (please don’t tell US customs or I might go straight to jail or something like that), and it’s still alive as of now. My friend was totally surprised when I sent her this picture as her own love plant died a month after her wedding. Don’t worry, she’s still happily married. ^__^

My friends and I went to see a monkey show at a small carnival (we called it Temple Fair (Ngarn-Wat) in Thai as it’s in the temple area). It was only a short 10 minutes show, but all 3 monkeys were soooooooooooo clever! And look at this ‘actress’, Miss Kanchana, isn’t she adorable? (looks like she’s almost bored to sleep though LOL) Every time I see this picture, it reminds me of the happy and fun time I had with my best friends this year. It sucks being so far away from them ne~ T__T

A condo at HuaHin (Hua = head, Hin = stone, HuaHin = stone head). Definitely the BEST time of the year as my family in Thailand went there together. It’s soooo nice to spend a whole weekend with them, swimming, eating, cracking jokes, and playing cards till 5am. So much fun! ^^

Taken with my cellphone at Boeing parking lot, the day after the storm hit and leaving us without power for the next couple of days. This season took the trophy for the worst time of the year… hmmm.. let’s just say this is the worst season ever!


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