[Pix] 2005 in 12 pictures

January 3, 2006 | 12pix, photo |

2005 went by so fast. These are some pictures representing each month of my 2005. ^___^

Pt. Loma, San Diego
First trip of the year, first day with my brand new shiny camera. I went down to San Diego to visit my friend and my uncle during MLK 3-day weekend, got a food poisoning from eating too much (I guess) down there that I had to call in sick for the next two days, boy that was (not) fun! ^__~

Welcome our new family member, Mr. Oscar! My sister and her husband adopted him from an animal shelter in Wenatchee, WA, a few hours away from our houses. He’s so cute and also huge! XD

Spring is here
I didn’t even know what kind of flowers this is ^^” Possibly some kind of Cherry? Anyhow, the entire tree turned pink a few days after which was very beautiful.

Space Needle
A view from my office.

Crater Lake, Oregon
My relatives came to visit us from Thailand, so we went on a family trip to Oregon, and Las Vegas. When we went to this national park, most parts were closed due to ice and snow. On our way back, we missed a turn on a local road and got lost for a while ^^” It’s always fun travelling with family, eh? ;)

We Love Shoes
Well, I know that Nordstrom is famous for their shoes department, but this window display at 6 in the morning almost gave me a heart attack! >_<”

Corpse Flower
A rare huge 5-6 feet tall stinky flower that happened to bloom for the first this year (only 9 other times in this century in the US!) I skipped lunch one day to go see it with my friend, and yes, it actually smells like a rotten flesh, ack!~

Niagara Falls
A trip to the East Coast, I went to visit my friends in Boston, Hartford, and New York during Labor day weekend. It’s a dream vacation turned nightmare for me T___T Luckily, the first part of the trip was good enough to make me ignore the worst part of it XD!

Sodo Mojo!
The Seattle Mariners’ Fan Appreciation night, which local people also called it a ‘Dan Appreciation Night’ as our beloved catcher Dan Wilson played his last game (actually, only an inning, he’s injured) for the M’s after his long career years with us.

A surprise gift that came in a mail from my friend who lives in Japan after I mentioned about this cute stuffed white seal with her. *happy tears*

coolpix 5200
Star of the year, my pictures are made possible with it *hugs camera*

Nope, we didn’t have a christmas tree at home ^^” I took this picture when we went to a holiday party at Hilton Hotel, they had set up a nice display every year. My other holiday pictures can also be found >>HERE<<.


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