OMG! X-dame is love, but Crazy Rainbow totally blew me away! OMG OMG OMG! How can they be THIS cute! *fangirls to no end*

I can’t even think straight now lol, bullet might be easier for my brain xD

* Takitsuba happy together is pure love ^^
* I want to be THAT teddy bear!~ THAT luckiest teddy bear on this whole wide world! and it’s so cute sitting crossed legs!
* Their smiles….. *thuds*
* Dorks!
* how can they be so cute!!! SOOOOO CUTE! TOO CUTE FOR MY POOR HEART! xD
* even a basic game like darts, they can make it cute~
* Takki, you really are a dork!
* It’s a 2-in-1 instrument, guitorin (or should it be viotar?) xD
* Their visuals are perfect, P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
* Life of a married couple, what a cute family ne~
* have I mentioned that I want to be THAT bear!? but lilybrie said she wanted Tsubasa to be that bear, which obviously made a lot of sense! LOL
* those long legs *___*
* Tsubasa does that Ichiro’s batting pose! kyaaaaa I knew it’s good to be a baseball fan~! even though the Mariners sucked for the past several seasons LOL oh Tsuba-chan, please come to watch Ichiro at Safeco Field! *prays*
* I want to be those blocks too since T&T are playing with them xD
* super cute card trick Tsubie~ now you make me want to be that card deck LOL
* Takki doesn’t even wear a watch, but he does look at his wrist before telling Tsuba it’s time to go to work lol
* Great lightings and settings! Great job Avex, producer-san and staffs~
* I’m going crazy!!! How can I sleep with this PV keeps running~ Kyaaaaaaaaa
* when are they going to release another PV compilation? I need HQ version~ do I have to wait 5 more years for that to happen? >__<”

How am I going to sleep tonight? I’m too excited~ xD


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