new header for a change ^__~
definitely couldn’t decide on wordings

I’ve tried a wide range from ‘bedtime story’, ‘eat me, honey’, ‘take me, honey’, ‘in bed with me’ (he was on the floor for crying out loud but all I could think about is BED!! xD) to ‘RAPE-ABLE’, ‘S.E.X’ (A-san suggested this), ‘PURE SEX’, ‘Come ‘n Rape Me’ (this one is Mich’s idea *runs*)
LOL blame it on my perverted brain, he’s fully clothed but I’m still… hee..hee..hee.. ^__~

10 more working days before X’mas break. Yippy!!

Ok, I want to be THAT strawberry!! LOL
or even the other lucky strawberry from X-Dame PV! XD

Apple, orange, banana, strawberry….
Luckily, I’m a fruit lover! LOL

BTW, was this strawberry one from Takki? The other one seemed to be mixed fruit toppings.

Anyway, Tsubasa~!! You’re sooooo cute! Mucho CUTENESS!!!!! XD

** do not upload/post this scan elsewhere**


6 Responses to luckiest strawberry on earth!

  1. michelle says:

    ahhhhh~~~ kakkoii header~!!! ^g^ (lol~ this was THE photo which turned on my *cough*H*cough* mode when i first saw it kekekeke…)

    and OMG!! *points to the bottom 2 pics* tsubasa~~ *pinch pinch* his expression is so cuuuute!!!! that lucky strawberry!! sigh, strawberries, bananas, apples and oranges are luckier than us xD

  2. naughtiest says:

    H-power rules! I don’t think we could help it ne? LOL He really looks soooooo…… ahhhhhhH~~!

    ROFL, we’re losing to a bunch of fruits?! OMG what a shame!!! XDDDD

  3. pT says:

    OMG!!!! Tsubasa so cute.
    His action when he eat strawberry
    so so so cute o(>//

  4. stasya says:

    Looking at those pictures, expecially the ones at the bottom. Mybe that was not an ordinary strawberry! *LOL*

    But yay, we are losing to fruits!! XDDDD

  5. naughtiest says:

    I wish I could see his action live, it’s gotta be sooooooooo CUTE! I wonder what kind of noise he made~ ^^

    you mean that special strawberry was something in the same league as Hidejuice? ROFL! No wonder we’re losing to them! xDD

  6. angky says:


    His expression when he pick the strawberry from the cake is the cutest.

    > v

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