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December 2, 2007 | 2007-japan, takitsuba, tsubasa |

This is the cutest thing I’ve encountered during this trip!

Tsuba-chan, how can you be this CUTE?!!! Genius!! Brilliant!!!! *fangirls*

even A-san screamed CUTE when I sent this to her ^^
my confession is, the first thing I saw was



** DO NOT upload/post this photo anywhere without my permission **

I’ll post Takki’s message (urr.. drawing? LOL) when I get back home ^^



12 Responses to S = Tsubasa Imai

  1. Bonnie says:

    *glomps* thanks so much for posting thisss~

    the engrish and drawing of Takki is so LOL

  2. michelle says:

    YAY! you managed to find the FC! ^^
    thanks for posting :)

    Tsu’s TAKKI (erm, TACCHI I mean) looks so cute! the hair colour hahaha… the “rove…? love!? LOVE!!” and “tyu..? Cyu!? CHUU!!” are so cute hahahahaha~~~ “aitsu wa… so Tackey?!” *blur*

    sou sou, Tsubasa wa S, Takki wa M ^o^

  3. Tsubbi says:

    Kawaiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! Arigatou!!!!
    Tsuba is so sweet! Thanks for the pic! X3

  4. stasya says:

    Imai-san *LOL*
    So he insists that Takki is “M”? *LOL*

    la-la-la. “all you need is love” ))))

  5. tsubaholic says:

    Wahhhh I’m so happy you were there to take the pics!!!!!
    Can I post it up with your credit on it on 2nd Face?
    I saw Takki’s too on a Japanese fans’ blog, but it was a freaky Santa that he drew and a freaky reindoor XD.
    Though i like to think the reindeer is Tsubasa because of the almond-shape “eye” (or “ai”) that he drew. *LOL*

    btw, how was T&T’s VTR? I read that Tsubasa was very low tension. (O_o)

  6. Nikki says:

    Thanks for sharing, and THANK YOU FOR TAKING THAT PHOTOS! This boy is amazing!!!!

  7. Tongari says:

    Hi!! Came here from Jenn’s. XD

    Thanks for uploading this~ I didn’t think it’d be THIS cute. omg tsu~ Takki’s is creepy, tbh. LOL

  8. naughtiest says:

    LOL *pets* calm down!! your first two lines cracked me up!! XD

    Yup! Thanks to you and Ribi!! Otherwise I’d have been lost in Shibuya LOL
    This S&M couple is so cute ne~ ^^

    you’re welcome, glad you like it! ^^

    well, I think we’ve decided long ago, who’s S, who’s M in their relationship?

    ROFL, omg Takki’s drawing cracks me up to no end,
    his Santa is one of the most evil version I could ever imagine!
    ahhhhh you’re right about the reindeer! so that was the unit pix! LOL

    ooh, their VTR is short, well, very short compared to other groups’
    it was an outdoor shooting though, maybe at calendar shooting location?
    which is really nice, because the other groups were sitting in the boring studio
    Kimutaku looked like he’s bored to tears *runs*

    my pleasure! I kept going back to this board and took more pictures of it, to make sure that I really have one that’s not blurry! XDD

    Hello hello~ ^__^ I was kyaaaaaaaing out loud when I saw it too,
    all I could think of was OMG OMG OMG TOO CUTE TOO CUTE! xDD
    he did a nice job capturing Takki’s face ne *LOL*

  9. stasya says:

    We sure did! *LOL*

  10. bunsie says:

    thanks for posting these pictures (and I hope whoever stole them apologizes and takes them down)! they’re way too cute and tsubasa is a genius!

  11. Stephi-chan says:

    That’s the cutest freakin’ thing!!!!
    I don’t even know what to say…

  12. angky says:

    Tsu is just too kawai to handle.
    The “tackey rabu” wa…. > v

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