warnings: Rather long entry ahead, with a lot of fangirl’s gibberish, proceed at your own risk. Also, please do not repost/reproduce any part of this report in any form anywhere without my permission~


We had about an hour break before going back into the hall again for the all last. So A-san and I walked back to the goodies booth to get the towels and penlights (well, I’d never thought penlights would play THIS big part in a concert — which was a little bummer since I had Dame penlight already but didn’t tag it along all the way to Japan with me, so YAY for twin penlights! ^^”) By that time, all three new live photosets were sold out already.

It’s very crowded outside the hall. A-san bought some takoyaki (*inserts inside joke* A-san, it didn’t taste as good as what we bought from Abashiri winter festival before hopping on to that freakin’ cold Aurora boat~ LOL) and we found a spot to sit down and started re-living the concert, which song blew our brains away in which way, and so on ^^ I tried to jot everything down in my notebook, but it seemed to be nearly impossible, since everything was so blurrrrrrrry! I couldn’t even get the setlist right on my first go (which was weird since I remembered all their outfits xD), and A-san couldn’t help me with that since she didn’t really know the song titles! LOL *pets A-san*

Turning my cellphone back on, I got a message from Helly! So after calling back and forth for a couple of times, and me running around that big fountain, we finally met! YAY!

Helly~ very glad to meet you! I still remember your first question to me: How was it?! It’s great, of course!! XDD soooooo great that I couldn’t even explain it right~ LOL It was a very short meeting, my apologies I had to run back to A-san whom I left sitting on that stairs with all my heavy stuff without saying anything about where I was going ^^” We’ll definitely meet again in the future, preferably at T&T concert ne~ ^___^ *hugs*

When I went back to A-san, she was sitting there waiting for me to come back and finish those takoyaki off ^^” We sat back and relax for a while, then walked back to the hall around 4pm, saw a couple of very very old obaa-sans with uchiwas, so cute ^^ This time we got inside the hall right away, found our seats and screamed! LOL

As I mentioned earlier, we got B5 arena seats but didn’t know exactly where we would be because I obviously couldn’t do math, now we knew for sure…. HOLY COW!! RIGHT SMACK AT THE AISLE where Takki’s cart would roll by during Love Lucky *faints* And it’s only 20 feet away from Tsu’s regular spot on the walkway *melts* and when I turned around, the center stage was only 15 feet away *thinks Diamond and dies* Lovely A-san let me take the aisle seat so I could drool and die properly during this show XDD

A-san wasn’t feeling well, so she took a quick nap while I was looking around, trying to draw a picture of the hall on my notebook but finally quitted it and started playing with my penlight instead ^^ One thing I wanted to whack myself to the ground, I was too excited to try to sneakingly take pictures of every thing from our spot (not to mention there’s a bunch of those black suits dudes walking around with that ‘no camera’ signs ^^”).

After waiting for a while, we’re more than ready for the show! This time Takitsuba call was really loud!!

Takki *claps claps* Tsubasa *claps claps*

2nd show

First and foremost, the fact that I’m still alive to write this report was partially a miracle XD (besides a strong will to live long enough to go back to T&T concert again LOL)

Everything started off the same way as the first show, female announcer’s voice, then Takitsuba call *claps claps* I have to say it right here, it was MUCH louder compared to the first show that I felt Japanese people were too polite at the concert! LOL Maybe because we’re in the arena? so we heard everything from every direction?

Next thing we knew, the entire hall went dark, all penlights flicked on, fans were all on their feet, Juniors came out — OM*G! A lot of fans around us screamed sooooooo loud, calling out junior’s names and waving their uchiwas like crazy, ^^; and then.. *bounces*

Takki and Tsubasa!!

A friend of mine told me once before that good thing about going to a concert without knowing anything is the element of surprise. I totally agreed with him. During the first show, everything was like OH!! WOW!! OMG!! OOOOOH AHHHHH~ KYAAAAA~~~ and so on. So I thanked God for our beginner’s luck that gave us stand seats for the first show and arena seats for the second show. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know exactly where to look when we’re sooooo close to the actions!

Crazy Rainbow

Knowing that Tsu would pop up from spot B on the walkway, I was waiting for that moment impatiently and when he actually showed up *dies* OMG! OMG! OMG! He looked sooooo good *___* and he switched to parting his hair on the side instead of in the middle LOL (though it didn’t quite stay that way once he started dancing ^^) Oh, and he definitely didn’t shave. YES, we were thatclose that we could see his 5 o’clock shadow with our own eyes *thuds*


A-san cracked me up with her immediate comment: He wasn’t that payan ne?

LOL, of course, he’s not that payan! It has something to do with Tsubasa and any kind of lenses, I mean, he looked chubby on the big VTR screens, through the binoculars, on some photos, but too see him with my own eyes, holy cow, he’s gorgeous yo! (would be even more kakkoiiiiiii if he had his hair cut… *runs*).

Takitsuba walked around the walkway, so shortly after that, Takki were on our side, and I was put into a coma on spot *dies* How could he be this gorgeous?! Beautiful light, definitely beautiful *__* Takki smiled, and A-san and I screamed our heads off! Takki pointed to the stage and BAM! the fire effect on stage burst out, color ribbons falling down from the roof, fans went even louder and crazier~ Oh boy, we’re off to another hyper start!


I still remember how wonderful it was, being able to see them so close without any help of binoculars (which remained inside my backpack throughout the entire show).

But I couldn’t help giggling every time Takki made serious face when the furitsuke was so cute LOL



LOL being a pervert, I almost didn’t look at their faces during Venus. So much joy that they wore silver pants *giggles like a lune*

If I haven’t clearly made my point earlier, I’d make it again here: Tsubasa’s hips are from outer space! Oh boy, the way he moved and ground his hips was too hypnotizing that my brain almost exploded. *thuds*

And to think that Takki would get to see those hips without those silver pants, grinding in a different way from the furitsuke…..yup, you get my point *LOL*


Same as last show, taking off their silver jackets, Takitsuba skipped/hopped from the main stage to the center stage during the beginning of the song, and OMG! Takki was the most adorable dork on earth! Their goofy smiles were too cute for my poor heart!! kyaaaaaa~~

They sang and danced on the center stage which was not 20 feet away from us, my oh my, those butts were wiggling right in front of my eyes! They were playfully shaking their butts together at the end of the song, HOLY CUTE!!


To Be or Not To Be

Ahhhh, the cart took them away to the back stage, so we got to see their rear view this time XD The audience were really high, I could see fans on the stand dancing and waving penlights like crazy. I was looking back and forth between the back stage and the big monitors as every once in a while I could hear fans around us screaming and pointing at the screens XD

Sora no Screen

T&T got on the elevated platforms. From the arena level, they were raised up really high ne *sweats*

Strangely enough, during this song I was thinking about how much effort they’ve put into each concert, how hard it was to stay physically fit, to overcome their exhaustions, and to put their best for each show…. all these thoughts because they’re dancing and running and singing for 6 songs in a row without any pause ^^” Gotta love them ne for doing everything for their fans ne ^__^

oh yes, A-san and I got the towels but it stayed in our backpacks, as we just didn’t want to carry any prop at all! Penlights were enough LOL

We are the T&T

Tsu’s back to his spot on our side with the giant wings balloon, while Takki’s on the other side with that weird looking dragon balloon XD Basically Tsubasa was right in front of us! We could see him clearly! clearly! *hyperventilating* BTW, with Tsubasa demonstrated the hand movements, we got it easily! Thank you, Tsubache! LOL

Once again, multiple translations, don’t kill me if I got it wrong LOL

Tsubasa: Today is the last day of the concert, everyone here in Osaka , Aishiteru yo *fan screams* But there’s someone I love no matter what, Takizawa Hideaki!!!
I thought I was going to die from major nosebleeding!! His orgasmic voice was soooooooo damn sexy sexy sexy *dies*

Takki: Do you know that recently Tsubasa is all about keitai. He’s looking at a picture then grins, he’s watching a clip then giggles, sou, that’s his sister’s baby *fans laughs* He’s in love with the baby not me, so mean, but even that, Aishiteru yo, Tsubasa!!!
I love Takki’s voice *melts* And it’s so funny that he spoke really fast towards the end, I don’t think anyone can utter ‘aishiteru yo’ out as fast as him LOL Also, it’s like he was in a hurry that he had to drop ‘Imai’ and said only ‘Tsubasa!!’ XDDD

Takki: Just like Tsubasa said, today is the last con. Minna-san, do you love Takki and Tsubasa? *fans screams really loud* Aishitemasu? *screams so loud, decibel through the roof* sou, Aishitemasu! You Tachi~
*ears popped* wow, the scream was really really loud! Again, very cute high-pitched ‘You Tachi’ from Takki

Call Battle

The battle started right after the last note of Aishiteru ze! (in fact we screamed first LOL) We’re screaming ‘Takki’…’Tsubasa’…’Takki’…’Tsubasa’ like there’d be no tomorrow LOL

They both called out without a mic for a couple of times, then Tsu sorta lost his voice , it came out really really hoarse *alarmed* but he laughed if off ^^” (*pokes* Imai-san!! don’t make us panic!!)


Takki took of his jacket, sat down and folded it neatly, then threw it back behind the stage LOL yes, fan laughed and screamed their lungs off. Takki was again yelling without a mic, and he got an incredibly loud ‘TAKKI!!!’ back!

While Takki was doing that, Tsu walked to the big amplifier/speaker on the main stage. At first, we thought he was tired and resting his head on top of the speaker before saying a very soft ‘se-no’, and we screamed ‘TSUBASA!!!’

Tsu then started to hide behind the speaker and poke his head out to take a peek at the fans on the side. Takki noticed that, so he walked to where Tsu was and asked “what are you doing?!” That was when Tsu said that he’s playing hide-and-seek with the fans LOL soooooo cute!!! Takki then told him not to hide and asked “how old are you?!” Tsu was grinning while saying he’s sorry for being so childish OMG he’s soooooo adorable!!

So that’s practically ended the call battle…

mini MC

Takki: Hai, arigatou gozaimasu, Tackey & Tsubasa desu!
Tsubasa: konnichiwa!

Talked about concert at Osaka, everyone seemed to be genki which made them happy. Asked fans on the back, and in the front if they’re all genki *GENKI!!!!!* Tsu then asked Takki ‘genki desu ka?’ LOL Takki made a very funny over-reacting noise here, very funny. Tsu went on and asked a male fan the same question, we could clearly hear that fan’s response ‘GENKI’!! oh boy, that lucky male fan! XDD

Takki teased that Tsu was chotto okashii today *LOL*


Said that this was the last con of this very long tour. All fans voices could reach them. This con they’d do their best to make us happy and have fun throughout the concert. Takitsuba wanted to sing and dance together with everyone!!

Then they both stuttered, hence Takki said they’re kami kami princes ^^ Takki was about to introduce KTT when he stuttered again, so this mini MC dragged on as they started teasing each other back and forth.

They then talked about when Tsu called Takki up to ask about where to go buy baby’s stuff since Takki was Ojisan senpai. Takki’s reaction to this brand new title was really cute XD (and Tsubasa will sure be an uncle who spoils his niece rotten! LOL)

Takki teased Tsu about his cellphone, said he’s all niya niya toron toron~ Tsu tried to deny that, so they kept on niya niya toron~ toron for a big while and the way they talked say toron~ toron or not was sooooo adorable!!

Takki said he could no longer kiss his nephew since baby grew up so fast, and his nephew now looked so much like his brother, so he couldn’t kiss his nephew anymore ^^” Takki was really a drama king, the way he told his story was so hilarious!


This was where the super MOE MC happened but I didn’t actually realize it LOL, I mean it was cute when A-san told me what’s going on during the show, but I didn’t know that it was thatmoeeeee until Ling told me a couple of days later when I was back in Yokohama with internet access, that everyone was going nuts over this mini MC! Holy cow! LOL All we could catch during the show was Tsu said they kissed quite often, and that was more than enough to make everyone scream on top of their lungs already LOL

They were debating weather Tsu’s statement was a truth or a lie for while before Takki tried to get back to the program, but we started screaming really loud, after a few YATTA!!! and EHHHH!!!! (OMG THIS IS BETTER THAN A DREAM COMES TRUE!!!!!)


and I was dead on that spot in T&T heaven!! OMG I couldn’t belive it that I would get to see them hug in real life with my own eyes *____* I remember reading that they’d never hugged on stage before, and that awkward hug in DK was probably the only one I would ever see. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! oh my goodness, what else could I ask more? besides live DX-ing or they’re legally married and have kids (^__^)v

And believe it or not, T&T hug was #1 on my wishlist! I’ve been blogging in private, dreaming about what would happen during this con, and jotting down my wishlist. I even wrote it down in my notepad on the way to Japan. LOL Santa might not love me, but KTT Kamisama does! Thanks for making them stutter, Kamisama!! *bows bows bows*

Grinning widely after the hug, they were back to arguing about truth or lie, so Tsu who kept insisting that it’s all truth, said it’s a lie, or maybe half truth. So Takki who kept on saying that it’s a lie, finally said that since it’s the all-last, let’s make it all true! LOL what a baka couple!

ps: If you’d like to read the entire account of what they’re talking, please visit Tsubaholic’s site ne~ (^__^)v

Kakko Tsukanai Tonight

And those two dorks continued!! No, they still didn’t do their MOE thing during me to me part, which I really didn’t mind after seeing them hug xD This time they were standing about 3-4 feet apart, and when they started singing the me to me part, they hopped closer to each other! OMG It was soooooooo cute! cute! cute!!!

Forgive me if I couldn’t remember the rest of this KTT, my brain was still fried from what happened earlier LOL But as I recalled, fans were really high after the MC, everybody was on their feet, screaming even louder than before.

Natsu no Kaze

Ahhh, back to light soothing music to calm my brain down LOL They sang this song live on stage, until Takki walked to the center stage and sang the last verse by himself while Tsu went to get his gear for his solo next *OMG* Takki, he’s so beautiful *___*



Before this show, I was convinced that half-naked Tsu from the previous show was a special treat from Tsubasa to the fans, a one time deal thing. Oh boy, I was so wrong.

When he walked onto the stage, rock music was blasting throughout the hall, my poor heart almost stopped beating.

SHIRTLESS! AGAIN! For the second time in one day, I saw Tsubasa shirtless!? Tsubachest x 2?! Bwahahahahahah!!! *dies* Holy moly, I wanted to molest him!! Tsu’s tanned chest looked really yummy and lickable! *drools* Rocker! Sex God! Hotness! Undies! Sex God! Bare chest! Sweat! Sex God!

Obviously I didn’t actually pay attention to the music as I was busy drooling with my own naughty thoughts (and yes, I have high faith in Takki that he could still easily lift his princess up) LOL No, I’m kidding (not the part about Takki *runs*), he’s really good at rock music ne, very kakoiii when he played guitar like that ^^


As soon as Toriko ended, I turned around to look at the back stage, Takki was already there, standing right next to the keyboard.

Light piano sound was so beautiful. But Takki was even more beautiful! He looked sooooooo good in that sleeveless white shirt.

Gorgeous! *___*


He started singing at the back stage, then the cart took him and the keyboard guy to the center stage, dropped him off, took the keyboard dude back to the back stage.

Takki nailed Kiseki perfectly this time, he hit all the high notes beautifully. SUGOIIIIIIIII *applauses* Takizawa-san, you rocked my world with piano version of Kiseki!! How about that?! XDDD

I don’t know how to say this, maybe it’s just me, but I could feel Takki’s strong bond with this song, how he loves and cares about it. And that touched me.

Kiseki will always hold a special spot in my heart.

Pride the END

Oops, mood swing, switch to drooling mode! LOL Tsu joined Takki at the center stage and Pride started! OH BOY! Could it get hotter than this? *fanselfs* Seeing those kakkoiii movements soooooo close with my own eyes, those strong dance moves almost put me to coma *___* Hips… hips– what! don’t move your hands so close to R&J like that!! My poor heart’s going to stop from beating too hard!!



Oh yes, it could get way hotter than that!! OH MY SEX GODS!! TWO SEX GODS WERE DANCING ON THE CENTER STAGE!!!! *thuds*

wooohoooo! Things got much clearer and better at arena level!! T&T were on the rotating circle on the center stage. Their dance moves were extremely kakkoii, really firm in every single step which we clearly heard through the blasting music! SUGOIIIIII!!! Plus, Tsu’s dance usually had something extra ne~ like a little more hip, more footwork, harder thrust, even his hands were sexy, how could he do that?! *hyperventilating yet again*

And for a split second, I was worried that the circle center stage might collapse ^^; *newbie worries* (oiiii! I knew JE is an expert, but that circle moving thing didn’t look that secure to my eyes! And T&T really did stomp on that thing pretty hard, it was shaky! XD)

I could clearly see their perspiration run down their gorgeous faces, so damn S.E.X.Y!!!!! (Surprise!! I did look at their faces too, not only their hips! LOL) A-san said that we could have caught Tsu’s sweat if he flicked his hair a little harder!! xD

I declared my brain deep-fried by these two heaven-sent hotness! (*___*)v

Real DX

Diamond ended, I snapped out of french fries state and started screaming my head off again ^^;

Without a doubt, Real DX = LOVE! Even with that goofy choreography, just seeing time perform this song with much better vocal cords was more than enough to make me love this song more. Yes, I’m biased. LOL


(The following was my bad experience at this concert, skip to Love Luckyif you didn’t want to get your good mood spoiled)

Same as previous show, it’s a mini junior break after this song. Two fangirls from our row tried to make their way out, I thought they wanted to go to the loo, so A-san and I let them out. Guess what?! They stopped dead right in front of me. Clearly, they were here for the first show so they knew that Takki would be down this aisle pretty soon.


I was about to smack their heads, but the black suit dude saw them standing on the aisle, so he came and waved them back inside. CRAP! They had NO SHAME since they tried to push their way out again! Now now, we wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, A-san and I just blocked their way and wouldn’t let them out. We gave them deadly glares too, so they stopped pushing us.

I thought they’d go back to their seats (which were the 3rd & 4th seats from the walkway to the center stage), but NO, they stood right in front of the girl next to A-san! I couldn’t believe this!!! &#%$%&(*@#!!! How could people be this shamelessly selfish?! They totally pissed us off! Which shouldn’t happen during this super cool concert!! DUH!!!


Love Lucky

Actually I couldn’t keep being mad for too long, as the intro for Love Lucky started and I saw Takki on that cart, 20 feet away from me, and approaching….. O.M.G!!!!! *is hyperventilating just thinking about that moment* I could never imagine in my entire life to see him THAT close *faints*

Takki… Takki… so kakkoiii, so pretty, so cute, so playful, so adorable, so lovable….. OMG! I couldn’t stand it anymore!!! Forgive me but I have to do this! ทนไม่ไหวแล้วเฟ่ยยยยยยยยย คนอะไรฟะ *กรี๊ดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดด*


*giggles* screaming in Thai can get to my point much better! LOL BTW, he’s really small-built ne, well-proportioned, but very small-built, which make him soooooo kakkoiii and cute at the same time!!!!! xDD

Actually, it was better when he was 5-7 feet away as I didn’t have to look way up to see him LOL but at 2 feet range… *thuds* my heart actually skipped a couple of beats here! Takki’s so incredibly gorgeous and his skin was soooooooooooo fine, bright and radiant! *___* And his face was still all wet from his sweat so I didn’t think he got additional makeup huh? (^___^)v

BTW why didn’t he do the silly Kimira Tamara pointing move here so I could definitely catch his sweat and would probably not wash my hands for the next few months? xDD

Love Lucky’s ranking on my personal T&T chart moved up up up, just because!! LOL

Hey! Listen to the Music

Weeeeeheeeeee!!! Time to kyaaaaaa over Tsubasa as they switched carts! oooooooh Tsu! How could you be so cute?! Oh boy, even a simple song like this, on the cart, he’d still manage to move in a Tsunami-to-my-brain way. *___*

The cart took them to the side where they climbed up and walked back to the main stage.


oooooh, intro to Samurai! *drums* T&T got rid of their white shirt, and put on their Samurai outfits *melts* They looked soooooo kakkoiiiiiiiiii *squeeeeeeeeeee*

ROCK ROCK ROCK!!! It’s so nice to see them perform this kind of songs every once in a while ne? Like, heh, no furitsuke needed, they’re HOT as is.

Wow, there really were a LOT of effects on stage, and the fire effects were really hot! *sweats* I mean really really hot, even when I was 25-30 feet away from the stage! And to think that Takitsuba were like 2 steps away from those things… *wipes their faces with cold towels* ^^;

I can’t wait to see the PV for this song! I really think they can gain new fans with Samurai, rock-ish and super kakkoii!

*alerts* Samurai single release date 8/8! Samurai single release date 8/8 Kakkoii single comes in 3 versions with lots of extra goodies! Samurai single release date 8/8*alerts* << gotta do my job, otherwise, Mr. President might not give me enough raise to go see next T&T concert! ROFL


*fans screams non-stop for a big while* Takitsuba started talking then Takki looked at the fans:

Takki: eh, everyone sat down already~?!
Tsu: everyone really sat down ne~
*fans laughes*

They started talking about what they should talk about during MC, then Takki said that in August Tsu will have his solo work here *applauses* So, Tsu talked about this trip to Spain, by himself, how he got to see and learn the dance over there which he’d be using it for his August shows. And Kansai Junior would be his back-dancers *applauses*

Juniors came out, fans behind us screamed so loud, I almost jumped. +__+

Talked about Kansai Junior’s concert. One of the junior’s microphone wasn’t working. The others talked about how wide variety current Jr was.
Takki: ahh very interesting
Tsu: Since you’re having your own concert in August, let’s talk about it ne~

That one microphone was still not working XD Audience started screaming “mic!!! mic!!!!”

Takki: They’re fixing this microphone ne, just use your own voice (for now)
Jr: *yells* LOL
Tsu: normally we like using our own voices ne~
Takki: yes, that’s right, we usually do that
*Jr yells again*
Takki: again!

another Jr: August 6-23, we’ll have our concert. We wanted to do something like Tsubasa-kun, very kakkoii, we really like it!
Takki: *beams* that’s right, you have to do your best like your senpai ne~ (I bet Takki’s so proud of his aikata yo! ^__^)

KJ: Takitsuba come to Osaka, have you had any Osaka food yet?
T&T: we did!! we did!! Yakiniku! (they actually said ‘yakiniku’ at the same time! LOL)
*fans boos and laughes* since yakiniku is not Osaka food, not even Japanese food XDD
Tsu: okaasan used to work there ne, so we went there every time we come to Osaka (continues on soooooooooo smoothly) during August shows, we’ll have him (*points at Takki*) treating us out too
KJ: YAY! *bounces with joy of free food*
Takki: o_O ehh?
*everyone thanks Takki*
Takki: eh? why (me)? Tsubasa should be the one who pay yo! *giggles to no end*
Tsu: everyone, thank this guy properly!
Takki’s over-reaction came in to play but Tsu’s just ignored that and told every to thank this oni-san LOL
*everyone turns to Takki and thanks him, Tsu included, he bows bows and bows* << kawaiiiiiiiii XDD
Tsu: there’s a lot of nice Takoyaki stands too ne~
*everyone thanks Takki again* << poor guy XD Takki was like trying to deny and say no, but didn’t seem to work at all. LOL

((ne~ Takizawa-san, it’ll get charged to your household expense account anyway, so doesn’t really matter who’ll get to swipe the credit card eh? XD))

KJ: Takizawa-kun will take everyone out right? *points to the fans too*
*fans screams and thanks Takki*
Takki: eh eh! wait wait!
Tsu: let’s all go together ne
KJ: yes yes
Takki: wait wait! If I’m taking everyone out, I’ll have to work for the next 30 years to pay off this loan (debt)! Noooooo! I’m not even in

Osaka yo!
KJ: we’ll call you
Takki: not gonna pick up!
KJ: (that’s ok) we thanked you already!
Takki: no I’m not taking you guys out! Anyway, Osaka food is very delicious ne <– successfully changed topic xD
KJ: we want to go to the place Takitsuba went
Tsu then talked with KJ about every kansai’s house having takoyaki pan(?), like it’s normal kansai food. Tsu then said he’ll make takoyaki for KJ some day.

((he’ll cook for them, but he’ll make Takki pay if they go out? ROFL Tsu, you really are the spoiled princess!!!))

T&T thanked KJ, said let’s work together ne!
KJ thanked them and the fans, then left.

Takki: these kids are interesting
Tsu: that’s right, very interesting
Takki: different from Kanto region ne, very kawaii and genki ne

They then talked about Hina a bit then went back to talked about eating out. Takki finally said that he’d pay for their meal once (he gave in! XD), he’ll give Tsu 5,000 yen! ROFL

BUT I really really think that Takki will be down there and take them out to dinner after one of Tsu’s show for sure! (^___^)v


Talked about Takki’s special drama, Tsu’s August shows, yoroshiku!
24-hr TV, must be very taihen, but if we’re together, we should be able to do that *fans screams “GANBATTE!!!!”* said they’ll do their best, for the 24hr terebi, they will give their best!

Talked about 5th anniversary, best album might have some old songs and some cover version of their senpai’s songs. maybe.

Takki said that during junior years, Tsubasa used to be so cute (*whacks* he IS still cute yo!)

Said they’ll pick some junior songs to sing
Also talked about Samurai single.

oh, Damecon DVD too don’t forget to look out for it, there’s a lot of things to be looking for, lots of fun ahead of us ne!

Want to sing Junior songs ne, *fans screams* Does anyone know this song Koi Yo? *YES!!* Today, there must be a lot of fans from our junior years here too, that’s so nice, we’re really happy *loud applauses*

Said they used to be on Osaka TV, used to be on ABC channel (shounen J?). Talked about how they worked with/at Osaka a lot ne~ Tsu’ll be here again in August too

Takki then introduced Koi Yo

Koi Yo

A song that left the strongest impact on me from this concert.

I couldn’t even describe how beautiful it was. Especially that VTR, the story of their pre-debut time, showing their relationship.

Simply amazing.

During the first show, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the VTR. For this show, I kept looking back and forth between Takki and Tsubasa, seeing how emotional they were, singing their hearts out on that stage.

Beautiful melody, beautiful harmony, beautiful bond.

Destined to be together. They really are.


What could I say? I was almost dehydrating to death because of excessive drooling xD Oh boy, Takki in black was so HOT! Yes, I still want to take that hat off so I could get a better view of his gorgeous face LOL So much love for his serious face when he had to dance (especially by himself *giggles*).

And his arms, those tight muscular arms……I wanna lick his biceps!! xD Put the perverted thoughts aside, I really like his arms ne.

Being an ex-ballroom dancer, I loved it when there’s a strong arm wrapping around my waist, not pushing, nor pulling but leading me through the dance floor. Now now, think about Takki’s arms and his strong frame, oh boy, the floor will turn into an orgasmic heaven for sure ^__~ (btw, licking and molesting your dance partner shouldn’t be a crime, right? *runs*)


Tsu-ba-sa! *purrrrrrrs*

Tsu came out with a black hat this time. (wouldn’t it be cute if he wore Takki’s hat from Sadame? XDD) His dancing style was really mesmerizing! HIPnotizing to be exact!! I think he didn’t really need those juniors on stage with him since there’s no way people could look away from him. He’s too good at dancing *drools*

Another thing I totally wanted to see all of the sudden was Tsu dances rumba with Takki! oh man, how hot it would be, with all the sensual hip movements?! *nosebleeds*


My favorite part was the same as last show, near the end, where Tsu walked down the walkway a little bit to the spot where the red light was shining and the wind was blowing from underneath. Because he didn’t tuck his shirt in, it looked just like he’s spreading his wings whenever he lifted his arms *___* Brilliant simple outfit idea! *salutes*

Junior Corner

Got a chance to see Takki’s copy closer. He didn’t really look anywhere like Takki except his blondish hair LOL Juniors were running around all over the hall. OMG! Those two boys were so small! Were they even 10 years old yet?! o_O” Child labor!! LOL


T&T were back on the main stage towards the back where FIVE were, then made their way to the front during the song.

KAKKOIIIIIIIII!!! As I recalled, I fell in love with Kamen ever since I saw the PV (not to mention Jenga LOL), but seeing them on the stage, executing those kakkoii dance move? All I could do was staring and gaping then screaming!!! *___*


Kamira Tamara

T&T jumped on the carts, moving from center stage to the walkway. Their biceps….. *thuds* I really like Tsu’s outfit here, it suited him and his long hair really well. Semi-rocker!! LOL (of course, IMO he’s too cute to be a 100% rocker xD)

btw, was there any particular reason behind Takki’s silly pointing moves during this song? LOL


One Day One Dream

T&T walked from the walkway to spot C & D. On the left side of the hall, Takki got on the C spot and the platform elevated. No problem.

On the right side, Tsu missed his spot! I bet he completely forgot about spot D, because he walked all the way to the backstage, looked at Takki (on that platform), sheepishly grinned, then danced by himself (with a couple of juniors?) over there LOL *pinches* kawaii desu yo!! XDDD *pets his hips*

Hito Natsu no…

A hyper song. LOL Tsu went to play with the fans on the left side of the hall, while Takki walked along the right side. Seriously, I wanna know if Takki was operating on Energizer battery or what? Where he got all the energy to jump up and down like that was beyond me LOL Takki missed a couple of high notes, but he got away with that super cute high pitched voice of his LOL

Too bad, we didn’t get to see Takki on Top of Tsubasa, but oh well, it couldn’t be Christmas eve everyday huh? XD

Yume Monogatari

T&T took off their vests, while staff-san brought out the furry coats, YumeMo Time!!

oh boy, the acapella part at the beginning got me every time *melts to no end*

I still remember the first time I saw YumeMo performance, at the beginning of Takki’s DreamBoy showtime, and this song was an instant hit for me ^^ It was the very first time I ever saw something like that, a combo of outfits, furitsuke, and a pack of backdancers xD simply like a brand new world to me LOL And when I saw it again in Harukon DVD, woohoooo~ instant love! *pinches Tsu’s hips* It really is the best when they’re performing unit song(s) together ne~ ^__^

YumeMo beats kicked in, and everything was all about being C.R.A.Z.Y.!!! Fans went totally nuts, the scream was incredibly loud!! Once again, they let the fans sing the last verse of the song ^^



T&T took off their coats, thanked the fans then Takki started introducing each junior group before getting to FIVE member one by one. I found it’s cute when Takki called out each name and Tsu would Yah! Yeah! Hey Hey~ along every once in a while XDD

For this show, Takki also introduced “IMAI TSUBASA!!” Tsu bowed after saying doumo arigatou!! and did the same thing:

“TAKIZAWA HIDEAKI!! yeah!!!” *Takki bows*

Here’s my MOST FAVORITE part! Takitsuba turned to look at each other, and smiled, before Takki held out his hand and Tsu simply placed his hand in Takki’s, firmly holding it there.

Both said “TAKKI and TSUBASA!!” then raised their arms up and bowed.

You wouldn’t believe how this short little moment made me so happy. It gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. ^__^

Amazing ne~ simply see them holding hands, and the way they looked at each other, I could feel their trust and the bonds between them, that no matter what happens, they’ll always be there for each other, through the ups and downs of their lives, they’ll make it through. Together.


They thanked the fans again, waved good-bye, then left the stage.

YumeMo tunes finally ended.

Encore #1

Takitsuba called started as soon as the last beat of YumeMo ended. This time, fans were really loud from the beginning. The entire hall came in synch in no time. It wasn’t very long before the lights dimmed and Epilogue melody started.


Takki and Tsubasa showed up at the center stage, wearing white suits with black strips and black T-shirt inside. Looking at them on the center stage, I could see a sea of penlights as a background, what an incredible sight.

They stood side by side for a while at the beginning of the song, before taking a different spot on the stage, waiting for the platform to elevate into a staircase for them to walk up to the small circle stage that was lowered down from above. Takitsuba were gorgeous.

During their duet part, white feathers were released from that mini stage. My heart skipped another beat or two (possibly from lack of breathing XD), seeing how emotional they were, breathtakingly wonderful. My chest felt really tight, I felt like crying.

While Diamond showed me two Sex Gods on earth, Epilogue gave me two Angels. They really were heavenly beautiful.

(Love Spiral)

Oiiiii! Mood swing! No time to bawl! XDD T&T took off their white suits, so we could see the adapted version of the tour T-shirt they’re wearing.

Souvenir time!! Takitsuba started throwing their signboards and stuff. One of Takki’s board landed a row in front of me, 5 seats to the left *faints* A little short ne, Takizawa-san! LOL (which was a good thing since I’d probably die from a heart attack had I caught it, and oh yes, A-san and I prayed that those two b****** wouldn’t catch it, so the board boomeranged back to one super nice lady who let us take pictures of Takki’s signboard at the end of the concert!! ^____^


T&T walked around the hall, singing and waving to the fans. They thanked all fans and juniors again before going back inside.

Encore #2

Takitsuba, we want to be with you forever (yo yo yo)!! ^__^ That’s why the Takitsuba started right after Love Spiral ended, completely ignoring the female announcer’s voice telling us to leave blah blah XDD And we didn’t have to wait for too long, our boys came back to the stage!!

It’s almost like a call battle all over again since we started screaming TAKKI TSUBASA!!!!! TAKKIIIIIIIII!!! TSUBASAAAAA!!! nonstop as they looked at each other, grinned, and acted like they couldn’t hear what we were mumbling about. What an adorable AHO couple!! XDD

When they finally noticed us super loud crowd, they started talking about what to do next. Fans screamed “MOIKAI MOIKAI” repeatedly. So, they teased us a little more before Tsu leading us to the next song!

I had a better idea now why Takki was usually their main speaker when it came to announcing something simple like song titles! It’s because fangirls would be dead by Tsubasa half-drunk-half-orgasmic voice! That -ahhhh -uhhhh ending after whatever he said could practically send a healthy person straight to ICU. Never mind my poor heart! No kidding! xDD

(Ikiteru Akashi)

I couldn’t remember much about this performance besides T&T walked around the hall waving to the fans. Tsubasa surprised me quite a bit, he basically let fans around the walkway touch him/his hand, A LOT! *jealous* Takki, on the other hand, was just waving and jumping all over the places.

Another thank you, and before they left the stage, Takki turned around and said ‘bai bai~!’ with his cute tiny little voice. SO CUTE!!

Encore #3

Poor female announcer, no one ever paid attention to whatever she said LOL Takitsuba call was extremely LOUD this time!


After a few minutes, T&T finally came back to the main stage, looking like a pair of lost boys. They looked at each other, then walked back behind the stage. Fans screamed!!!! So, they poked back on to the stage, but didn’t know what to do, so they went back inside again.

Takki popped back on stage by himself, looking for Tsu, couldn’t find him, so he walked back inside. Tsu then showed up at his regular spot on the walkway, looking for Takki, but didn’t see him so he disappeared back inside.

Next, Takki came back to the stage, looking desperate as he couldn’t find his aikata anywhere, so he started his own mini Tsubasa call “Tsubasa… Tsubasa…” in a very soft voice, damn CUTE!!!! Fans help him calling out for Tsubasa, then all of the sudden, Tsu showed up at the arena level! *thuds* Fans in block B6 went totally NUTS!! Lucky them!! Me in block B5 went totally crazy too!! XDDD

Tsu made his way back to his lonely aikata on the stage, gosh, I love their smiles *melts*

They thanked the fans again, talked for a little bit before pretending to leave the stage. The crowd went completely nuts once more! We screamed so loud, so they remained on the stage!

(Single Medley: Venus (Eurobeat Mix), Ho! Summer, Serenade, One Day One Dream, Yume Monogatari, X-Dame)

6 songs remix!! ^^ Super A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!! Towards the end of the remix, they’re clearly exhausted but they’re still smiling and putting on a genki show for us.

X-Dame ended with the last verse… Please gimme your heart.…. guess what, Takitsuba, you’ve got my heart already

Takki and Tsubasa bidded their final good-bye and left the stage together.

So here, Damecon has really come to an end. (T___T)v


after show

A-san and I stayed around for a little bit, waiting for the crowd to clear before we went out. That’s when I got a chance to take a picture of Takki’s signboard. The guard came and warned everyone about camera, dude, at that moment, who would listen to you?! LOL

When we walked out, we saw a big paparazzi pix stand, but there’s no photo from Yokohama con yet, so I didn’t buy anything.

A-san had already bought the train ticket back to Osaka since we arrived in the morning, so we didn’t have to wait in line. On the train back, we kept going over and over and over concert neta, lots of fans around us did that too ^__^ However, pretty much what we could recall was “CUTE CUTE CUTE” LOL It was a major blurry time of my life.

We got back to Osaka, realized that we’re almost starving and dehydrating to death, so we went to Yodobashi Umeda for dinner. Couldn’t really remember what we ate, since all our focuses were around those two talented men and their incredible shows.

That night, we went back to our hotel room, drooling over concert goodies for a big while. Dramatically enough, I almost did the most stupid thing on earth which freaked me out for 15-20 minutes. If I’d ever had panic attacks before, this one beat them all! I still remember the feeling of my heart sinking to no end. =__= Thank god, A-san was with me and calmed me down. After that, I figured out that it was just me being a bum who never read the manual properly. Problem solved *phews*

after thoughts

There’s a HUGE gap between saying that I’ll be lovesick beyond repair, and feeling lovesick beyond repair. Totally totally different!! I knew before going to this concert that I’d come back with a severe lovesickness. But the real thing is way worse than ‘severe’ yo!! +__+

Thank goodness I decided to go to this concert. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Perfect timing and everything. This concert was way too impressive to explain. It was so much fun and touching at the same time. What a great first-time experience!

Takitsuba, you’re amazingly brilliant!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! (^___^)v

Osaka-jo Hall was much smaller than I expected which was so nice because it’s easier to follow them around. I could clearly see them no matter where they went. Lucky!

The first show blew me away since everything was all new to me, it was all about excitement. The second show (which last almost 3 hours) allowed me to indulge and appreciate all little details which made me love and admire them even more.

SO.MUCH.LOVE! The chemistry between them was perfect.

T&T sang a lot of songs live, a lot more than I expected ^___^ Not perfect, slightly different from the recordings, slightly off-tuned xD which was really great since they made the concert more alive!

What else could I say, this trip was worth every.single.penny Yen.

Alright, now, I gotta get this off my chest. Takizawa Hideaki!

dame-takki-04 It’s not that I don’t like your cute tour T-shirt or anything but I’m whining here because I’m now totally convinced that you had a plenty of kiss marks across your gorgeous chests and abs, or nail marks that matched perfectly with Tsu’s fingers on your back, but you wouldn’t let us see them!!! *pouts* oh man, I kept waiting and waiting for him to take off his T-shirt, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t get to see his lickable abs which was #2 spot on my entire wishlist!!!!! *wails* ROFL oh well, Takizawa-san, no matter what, I STILL LOVE YOU!!! I’ll definitely keep ‘Takki’s abs‘ on my wishlist until the next time I go see you and your aikata again! And I’ll make sure to add ‘pants off’to the list too XDDD
Imai Tsubasa! You little evil hips from outer space! No matter how manly you look, you’re still my princess at heart! (^___^)v Those little moments when you laughed and giggled. When Takki said something to make you shyly smile. When you’re being so childish and playful. You could be doS all the way you want. Bigger biceps and muscles wouldn’t make me change my POV!! And yes, Imai-san, I whine about your hair, but I STILL LOVE YOU! XDD By the way, you went shirtless during Toriko because you felt responsible for making all love marks on Takki’s body, right? *runs* dame-tsu-shirt

Next on agenda, Johnny-san, can I beg you for something? If you’re not going to let us use our camera inside the venue, PLEASE GIVE US BETTER LIVE PHOTOS AT YOUR EVIL SHOPs!!!!! ESPECIALLY THE UNIT ONES!!! *grumbles* Photos that tell stories, and timelines, how about a couple of snap shots of every single song, at least? And YOU!! Photographer-san, you don’t know how lucky you are, do you? Share the love, dude! Give me the T&T HUG pix!!!!! or better yet, an offshot clip, please please please, AVEX staff, I’m begging you!!! >__<”

Huge thanks to A-san, without her, this trip would never ever become possible.

Thanks to our beginner’s luck, for the super cool seats for both shows.

And most of all, THANK YOU, TAKITSUBA!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful memory. Thank you for everything you’ve done, all your hard work , to make us all happy. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY INSPIRATION! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

You both are LOVED!

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