I refused to call this an epilogue.

Simply because I have a big thing with this word song word, and also because I’m not ready for my David Cook journey to come to an end.

Withdrawal is a bitch, and lovesickness is even worse.


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4 shows in 2 weeks.

It probably sounds like nothing compared to a bunch of fans who’ve been to to 10~20+ shows already (how did they manage to pull that off btw?! If I ask for that much time off, my boss will definitely aim a staple gun at my head, and squeeze the trigger without any hesitation.. well, not that we have a staple gun in the office, but you get the point! LOL), but it means a whole lot to me.

The experience. The excitement. The emotions. The moment.

One of the best 2-week periods of my life, hands down.


  • Capitol Theatre, Yakima — 2009.08.23, 67 minutes, 12 songs
    My virgin David Cook concert. The very first time I saw him in real life. The very first day of The Anthemic. Blown away by the awesomeness of this live concert. Beautiful musical theater. Great acoustic. Big camera allowed (*thumbs up*). Got my first autograph. Being within 3-ft range of David Cook. Major star struck. He’s so gorgeous *__*
  • Showbox SoDo, Seattle — 2009.08.24, 72 minutes, 13 songs
    A warehouse turned ‘show-box’. Perfect spot, right smacked in the front center (ILU B!). Extremely high energy. RAW. Completely blown away by them. David Cook was sexy as hell. Cute banters. Neal *__* Incredible crowd. Loud. Wild. Crazy. First time they filmed the show (DVD! DVD!). SEATTLE FTW!
  • STAR Stage, Seattle — 2009.08.26, 40 minutes, 3 songs, a bunch of Q&As
    Free food. Acoustic lounge. Insanely in love with his voice and his “oh my god”s. Cuteness overloaded. So nice to just sit there and listen to him talk. Intimate. Trapped. His laughter. His chuckle. His smile. His body language. His voice. To be there when he’s being his adorable witty self off concert stage was priceless. Plus, I got a bear hug from David and Neal, need I say more? LOL
  • Oregon State Fair, Salem — 2009.09.05, 67 minutes, 12 songs, 1 bobblehead
    Outdoor venue. Acoustically fantastic. Though I whined about my seat on the moon, David Cook and the Anthemic were perfect that night. High energy. Diverse crowd, lots of guys and kids. Loud. Engaged. Giant belly. Adorable. “..and.. jump~”. A proof that Music God and Mother Nature loved DC.

I felt really lucky that the settings for all 4 shows were all different, so I got to see how he and the band adapted for each venue. I totally enjoyed them all very much, but the 2 Seattle shows were the best in my book. Showbox, because the energy level was so high and I was so close to the action. STAR Stage, because it’s all about getting to know David Cook as a super adorable dork and an extremely charming person. I simply love listening to him talk.

He’s amazing.

Evidence Log #1

venue: 4
minute: 246
song: 40 (17)
photo: 1,467 (quality vs quantity dilemma *grumbles*)
mileage: 948  (for someone who drives only 12 miles to work each day, that’s a lot of driving in 5 days LOL My car did get an excellent 32-mpg for the first time though XD)
weight loss: 4.5 lbs (greatest side benefit of all time LOL a few more concerts and I should venture back into size zero zone! hee!)
bear hug: 2 *dies*

Evidence Log #2

3 pairs of concert tickets: $200.00
evil processing fee: $53.08
4 trips to gas station: $132.59 (I totally forgot that gas stations in Oregon are full-service, OMG what an awkward moment when I got out of my car! LOL)
3 nights of awesome accommodation: $204.92
1 Canon T1i: $xxx.xx fine, this one doesn’t count, I didn’t buy it for the concert LOL

Experiencing live David Cook and the Anthemic concerts: PRICELESS

My biggest thanks to my very own sister. Without her, I probably wouldn’t get to go to any of these concerts, hence, never get to experience the fun and the craziness. I still have no idea how she could bear with me during those few weeks. Imagine someone throwing David Cook’s trivia, YouTube clips and (amazing) music at you all the time when you’re not a fan! She only asked me for one thing: Please don’t be too crazy. LOL My sister definitely loves me a lot. And I totally love her! ♥ BTW, if you’re wondering, no, she hasn’t been cookified yet. My sister apparently has a very strong immune system XD

Also, thanks to those who stayed with me throughout my very first 「DAVID COOK MURDERS ME!!!」 journey. I had a lot of fun letting my-fangirling-self loose~ I wrote a lot for my memory’s sake, so I don’t even know how you could stand reading all my babbling thoughts. LOL

On a side note, I had a chance to meet a lot of awesome fans who share the same obsession (though at various degrees LOL). Sometimes, I wish I jumped into this fandom sooner as everyone seems to know everyone from DCO already, but as my sister said, it’s meant to be this way.

For me ..for you..for me XD, it’s always hard to fit into a well-established online community, especially a very large and fast-paced one. Being a newbie can be quite a challenge. In a smaller fandom, people know each other by name, so I wasn’t used to being called that blogger/that girl/that fan. Kinda odd but I guess it’s normal in a way? I found it’s much easier to stay hidden in a dark corner. That’s why I started running around like a headless rabbit when my blog stats spiked through the roof for over a week (a thousand hits in one day was crazy for this low-profile blog, never ever underestimate power of Twitter, peeps) and when I realized that some stalkers visitors quoted and analyzed what I wrote. Yikes! English is seriously not my first language, so I was like: crap uh oh, what if I heard him wrong? LOL

Anyway, besides being lovesick beyond repair, things are pretty much back to normal now. Well, until the next time this precious serial killer attacks me~ XD

The high from his show is so addictive.

Can’t wait for him to slaughter me again.

Until then.

Mr. D,

I feel ridiculously silly writing this to you because I know you’ll never get to read any of it, but I’m writing to you anyway because a Scorpio is stubborn that way.

Anyhow, I’d like to apologize (well, not really) for making a lot of fun out of you while drooling all over my blog over the past few weeks. I even accused you of killing me, which you sort of did, metaphorically. You made me want to give up my life to become that mic stand, for crying out loud, it’s totally your fault!

I also wrote a series of goofy, silly, crazy, fangirly, and etc-y comments about you and your friends and your lovely tummy, which I can absolutely guarantee you that they’re all written with a huge amount of appreciation, because you guys are so adorable deserve all the love throwing your way for your awesomeness.

You’ve rocked my world in more ways that one (here we go, lame and cliché to the max.. lol), and changed my perception of a lot of things, simply by being you. For that, I genuinely thank you.

I don’t have any fancy word to describe how amazing and talented you are. I hope you knew all that already, so I just want to tell you that I’m proud to be your fan.

I truly admire you as an artist, and I wholeheartedly respect you as a person.

~Sara :)

ps1. is there a way I can apply for a photographer job for your tour? I promise I’ll hand over the memory card and everything after each show. I’ll even work for free if you let me roam the floor and take pictures~ (umm, well, you might have to kinda feed me though because I’ll probably lose my current job if I disappear for months..lol)

ps2. can you please tell @nealfingtiemann that he’s friggin’ adorable on Twitter? I think you can pull that off without getting strangled to oblivion…  *runs like hell*

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