Finally…. my first time at T&T con which blew my head/heart/soul away. OMG! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! *purrs* Awesome is not enough to describe them. So many great/beautiful/hilarious/rabu rabu/etc etc moments that I totally wish to see them all over again and again and again…… Fancam, anyone? ^^;

One thing I know for sure, I’m so glad I’ve become their fan :)


warnings: A very long entry ahead. Please do not repost/reproduce any parts of this report in any form anywhere without my permission~

decision making, balloting, and trip planning

I still remember, about 4-5 months ago, my friend A-san (who lives in Japan) and I were chatting on MSN…

me: A-san A-san, I wanna go to T&T concert la, there’re some extra shows in Yokohama and Osaka!
A-san: silly, you want to come all the way to Japan for just a concert?
me: well, of course! I want to go to T&T concert, at least once in my life!!

(2 minutes later)

me: duh anyway, I couldn’t make it to Yokohama, it’s a super busy time at work, I can’t run away *hangs head*
A-san: how about Osaka?
me: there’re only 2 shows in Osaka, I don’t wanna take a vacation and see only 2 shows na *was greedy and wanted more at that time*
A-san: too bad ne~

A couple of days later, I was looking at the calendar, and one fact smacked me right on my forehead. Holy cow, how could I be so DUMB! LOL!!

me: A-san!!! I can go to Osaka!! It’s a Memorial Day weekend!! I can be there and come back without taking a day off!!
A-san: really? as in, you’re really coming to Japan?
me: *beams* YES!! I’m so going! A-san, let’s go to the concert together!!
A-san (who lives down south, 6-7 hours (or more?) from Osaka): well…okay then

ROFL, A-san, this was exactly like last year when I said I wanted to go to Japan and you just said YES! xDD

me: Let’s go to both shows na A-san!
A-san: eeeeeehhhhhhh?! what?! you wanna go to BOTH?
me: YES! I have to make my plane ticket worth! and if there are more shows, I want to go to ALL of them!!
A-san: crazy dork…. -___- ”

Then poor A-san had to go balloting for the tickets (Thank goodness I forced begged her to apply for the FC membership earlier this year since I didn’t want to hunt down FC bulletin on Y!A anymore! The membership came a couple of days later with the ticket ballot for additional shows! What a perfect timing! LOL)

I told my family I wanted to go to Japan for T&T concert, and they basically just shook their heads, but mum finally said ‘if you’re going, you’d better make it worth, take a few days off and do some sightseeing too!’ So, I went to my boss, asked if I could take a couple of days off, and he simply said Yes *bounces* oh dear, I love the work-life balance motto of our company! XDD Yatta! I could be in Japan for 8 days! (in fact, only 7, since I lost 1 day battling with timezone warrior) And by flexing my schedule like crazy, I’d only miss 2 days of work!! ^^

BUT life is never that easy yo! A-san has work to do, so she could be with me for only 3 days, weekend included. Oops, me who knows no Japanese should be panic~ but A-san took care of hotels and everything, so I just have to stay alive and hold on to the map, then I should be okay *crosses fingers*

I was struggling for a big while, hunting down plane tickets. My goodness, NWA charged over $1,000 for a roundtrip, so I had to resort to UA for the first time (hated their system BTW even though they’re flying a Boeing plane -___-) A flight from Seattle to Osaka would have cost me a fortune and involved several hours transiting in Hawaii, so I had to fly to NRT instead. Therefore, the next big hit on my credit card was Japan Rail Pass, then I was pretty much set and ready to go!

oh, not yet, dad was really worried about me traveling by myself (which I actually do all the time ^^” it’s an Asian dad thing! XD) to meet A-san in Osaka, so I had to rent a cellphone over there too. Being picky, I emailed several rental companies to see which kind of phones they offered before I made my reservation LOL (and I was so lucky I didn’t activate Cingular international service! Roaming fee would be a real killer!)

A-san and I talked about this trip every once in a while, where to go, what to eat do, but very very roughly, we really didn’t have a plan laid out like the last time I went to visit her in 2006. Basically, during the month of May, I’ve been counting each day and couldn’t focus on my work at all ^^; And as usual, I was packing till the last minute ^^”

Anyway, long story short, I got to NRT safe and sound, picked up my rental cellphone, exchanged my JRP, dumped my luggage at Tokyo station, went to kill a few hours at Akihabara, came back to shop at Tokyo station due to the rain, hopped on a very comfy night bus A-san reserved for me, slept all the way through Osaka, and finally met A-san early Saturday morning, did some tourist thing in Kyoto, came back to Osaka, spent hours kyaaaaaaa-ing over those heavy auction items I won during depression period over x’mas break through January, and finally fell asleep while still talking about Takitsuba XD

(longer version available in my travelogue)

2007.05.27 – Dame con @ Osaka


A-san and I went to Osaka-jo hall since 9:30ish that Sunday morning, since we didn’t want to wait in line to get goodies. On the train over there, we tried to judge who else on the train was going to the concert with us LOL Quite a few people were there early, we could see lots of Dame shopping bags been carried around.

Basically, it’s still early, so there’s no line, we got to the counter right away. A-san did all the ordering for me which involved, 3 Takizawa-san’s …, 3 Imai- san’s …., 5 Takitsuba’s …., and so on. OMG, it’s like a never ending purchase!! I almost fainted when I saw the total~! XDD A bunch of Yen notes flying out of my pocket, while I got a yard-long receipt in return. A-san couldn’t stop giggling, saying I was crazy… well, I can’t argue with that LOL I looked like a lunatic carrying all the stuff walking downstairs (*hails to JE no free bag at the concert policy!* lol) while A-san took a picture of me xD Anyway, we found a shaded spot to sit down and pack everything into my backpack. A-san was like, are you sure? it’s going to be heavy na~ We were thinking about dumping my backpack in a locker at the station, but on a second thought, nah, I would have been paranoid all day, thinking about my abandoned backpack and all the goodies inside, so I chose to let my shoulders suffered instead XD (too bad, I didn’t take a picture of everything I bought that day before mailing them off LOL)

Several hours left to kill, so A-san and I went to Osaka Castle to be good tourists (along with those Korean and Chinese tourists) and have some lunch, tonkatsu-don there was very yummy!! LOL Then we walked back around 11:30am to meet with Nere who were also there with her friends. ^^

Nice to meet you ne Nere~ You’re so cute and funny. I’ll forever remember your face when chu-ing my Takki’s uchiwa~ XD Too bad we didn’t get to chat more, but it was definitely a nice experience waiting in line under that super hot sunshine with you! *chu* oooh and nice RING btw! LOL

Edit: I think standing in line was quite an experience in a way since I got to see a wide variety of T&T fans, from the oldest to the youngest! Little kids coming with parents (aka parents dragging their kids along XD which was a very wise decision since T&T always play with kids first!!) A LOT of very old obaa-sans with their necessary props (ie: cane, umbrella and uchiwa!). A girl wearing silver x-Dame host outfits *__* cosplay!! There were quite a few male fans. Ohhhh, did I see it correctly? An Oji-san holding Takki’s uchiwa? How cute (and wrong at the same time)!! LOL what a fan base they have!!


Noon, finally they let us into the hall after leaving us dehydrate to the max under the super hot Osaka sun. Snatching Takki’s Enbujou flyer and Tsu’s schedule on the way to our seats. Then, there, I saw some postcards… oh boy. All singles were there, but only Dame came with postcard……. here we go, I basically paid 1200JPY for a postcard (above) and welcomed the 6th copy of x-Dame/Crazy Rainbow to my world -____-” but but but I couldn’t bring myself to buy another copy of PV DVD just to get another postcard which I like more than the one I got from the single *pouts* (A-san: *shakes head*)

We finally left that CD booth to go find our seats. Here’s the only pix I (sneakingly) took with my camera for this concert~


Our seats for the first show were on the stand, block D, which was dead center, but a little far back. First thing I did when we arrived at our seat? I looked for B5 in the arena, which would be our seats for the 2nd show LOL And when I saw where B5 was, I almost screamed with joy XD Being a bum, I looked though the binoculars and counted seats for each row, 12, then told A-san that we’d be somewhere in that block *headdesks* My math teacher would have wanted to whack me, (12 x 11) …. 131 & 132 were basically aisle seats! (which we finally realized when we got down there for the 2nd show LOL)

After sitting still for a while, the female announcer’s voice started, and the Takitsuba call began! Takki *claps claps* Tsubasa *claps claps*

1st show

Takki *claps claps* Tsubasa *claps claps*

The Takitsuba call went on for less than 5 minutes, then the light inside the hall was dimmed and fans were instantly on their feet. Wow, it’s such a pretty view, seeing everything from the center stand seat, the sea of penlights were really really beautiful. It’s also nice that Dame penlight was white, for better mixtures, I think, otherwise, it’d be all too colorful ne ^^

The Juniors started coming out, rolling on to the stages, oooh some of them were really tiny that I wonder how old they are!? XD After a short introduction, it’s the part where we’ve been waiting for, Tackey-and-Tsubasa!!

Crazy Rainbow

The entire hall went dark, CRainbow intro started, then T&T showed up at spot A (Takki) and B (Tsu) on the walkway, wearing that blue top, rainbow chicken duster parrot outfits XD and fans started screaming their heads off, LOL, yes yes, myself included. How could I not?! I FINALLY got to see them in RL after 15 months of obsession! it’s like DREAM COMES TRUE!! YAY! *squeeeeeeeee*<

Binoculars came into play early in the game. First, I looked at Takki, oh boy, so gorgeous *___* I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat or two. His skin was so darn fine, as if it’s glowing (is it really because of Meiji’s Amino Collagen? lol) *drools* His short/dark hair was so cute and fit him perfectly. oooh THAT smile *melts* Okay, it’s just the beginning but I could see the trend already, LOL

Passed binobino to A-san so she could inspect Takki and drool properly for 15 seconds, then I snatched it back to look at Tsu… urr, he probably forgot his makeup? ^^” Oooh~ he must have been busy doing *coff*something*coff* backstage so he ran out of time!! *kicks perverted thoughts* Oh well, blame it on spotlight that he’s sweating all over already~ ^^

Anyway, while Takki looked very bright and shiny, Tsu looked very tanned, not dark ne, just super tanned. Has he been to the beach or working outdoor recently I wonder? And I’m going to whine about his hair out loud! TOO LONG!!!!! and please don’t part it in the middle Tsu! Natural is nice ne, but I think you need to have your hair trimmed/cut/layered/oh whatever +___+ Well, at lease he didn’t look anywehre like Antonio Bandaras’ twin brother (I blame it on Ling for this Bandaras gag! She put that picture in my head XDD) so I should stop complaining huh? LOL

They walked around the walkway, then go back to the main stage.


And the birdie outfits came off, revealing pink/purple shirts (which I really like LOL the colors suited them quite well IMO) and shiny silver pants, adding silver jackets on, now they’re ready to be Dame hosts.


Furitsuke was much cuter when they performed it live and I was quite surprised to see the entire hall knowing how to do it properly, wow, everyone did practice before coming to the con ne LOL

While Tsu danced effortlessly, Takki had his serious face on probably rehearsing the furitsuke in his mind otherwise he’d probably get teased to no end on stage LOL The finger pointing part was so cute ^^ And strangely enough, seeing them doing the furitsuke live make it easier to follow compared to watching the DVD where they taught us step by step! Believe it of not! LOL


*giggles* I’ve seen them performed Venus countless of times on TV, and I always thought that the furitsuke was funny ^^” but to see it with my own eyes, funny changed to sexy in a split second!! Special thanks to binobino that allowed me to zooooooom in on specific parts…..

Still in the same outfits on the main stage, everything started off as usual, but when they reached the second part of the hook……. what else could I do but drool and die when seeing Tsubasa’s hips grinding like that? OMG! Juliet in silver… *thuds* A-san, who usually only looked at Takki ^^;, agreed that Tsu is by far a better dancer (which is a fact LOL) after seeing his moves ^^

oooooh! Have I mentioned it yet that I love it so much when they sang their songs live? LIVE LIVE ^^ That’s the color of concert ne, slightly different compared to the CD, not perfect, but makes you love them even more :)

Ho! Summer

T&T took off their silver jackets, shirts still tucked neatly in their pants, that’s when I clearly saw their shirts, they looked really nice ne, with some textures and linings, buuuuuut that’s not the point. The point was at the very beginning of the song, they skipped/hopped from the main stage to the center stage, grinning and smiling along the way, and it’s OMG DAMN CUTE!!!

Hosama Ho Hosama~ THOSE BUTTS WERE WIGGLING on the center stage, OMG! LOL I almost died screaming, how could they be soooooo incredibly CUTE and dorky while not 5 minutes ago, I was drooling to death by their hips?!

To Be or Not To Be

By some miracles, they appeared at the back stage (lol, couldn’t remember how exactly how they go there xD the rolling cart either took them there or took them to the side then they walked over there, I think? *blurred*) So, now they’re closer to us than ever, A-san couldn’t stop saying ‘kawaiiiiii kawaiiiiii’ lol They got rid of their colorful shirts, leaving the striped tank tops, and putting the pinkish jackets on (still amaze me every time seeing how fast they changed on stage xD) too bad they didn’t change their pants because THAT was what I really want to see …. LOL


It’s quite a strange feeling, seeing them not 50 feet away, but their hip movements blew that thought away pretty quick LOL oh boy, I love it when they thrust their hips like that XD Oh and I’ve come to love their silver pants too, I definitely could see ‘things’ clearer compared to jeans or black leather pants LOL *feels like a pervert but it’s okay* xD

Sora no Screen

A-san and I didn’t buy a towel so we felt kinda lost when all obaa-chans around us had them in their hands xD It’s been decided, we’re getting the towels after this show!! LOL

For this song, T&T walked around the backstage walkway, switched side, so Tsu took spot D, and Takki took spot C, then the platforms elevated, while the giant balloons were being blown up at spot A and B.

oh how I love it when they’re slightly off-tuned, I swear it made me love them even more for not being perfect! ^____^

We are the T&T

T&T were back on their respective spot A and B, the giant balloon were fully blown up, so we could see a huge dragon on Takki’s side and a big wings on Tsubasa’s.

Woohooo~ Finally got to hear this song live, clear and crisp sound! (still couldn’t understand it but oh well… LOL) BUT BUT BUT why couldn’t they just stand together?! It’s hard to divide my attention to left and right at the same time! I didn’t have eyes of a fly so I couldn’t see things in 180 degree view!!! meh!

Alright, translated from Japanese to Thai to English, so I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of things missing LOL Thank you, A-san! *smooches*

Tsubasa: Osaka-minna, I have something to tell you, aishiteru yo. (fans screamed) My niece is super duper cute, this is a baka uncle Imai. But there’s someone who is cuter. Takizawa Hideaki!
(oh man, Tsubasa’s voice was soooooooo damn hot! his lowwwww husky voice made me melt into a puddle of goo *___* Then Takki made an extremely adorable face, I couldn’t stop kyaaaing when I saw it on the monitor!!)

Takki: You’re the one that’s cuter yo~ *screams* During this long tour, today I will express my feeling to you. Thank you for everything. Today, let’s talk about our love (futari no ai no (something)) , Imai Tsubasa!
(OMG I adore the way Takki said Tsu was cuter, it’s like, dude *shakes head* you know you’re the cute one! his voice was so cute! and yes I know I’ve used this word ‘cute’ repeatedly, but it was really CUTE! LOL and he thanked Tsu! How sweet! *melts*)

Tsubasa: Konnichiwa, just like what you (Takki) said, let’s express our feeling today (oh boy, he lost us here since his voice was so erotic, low and husky that A-san couldn’t catch what he said) chi o nakare ii kana (which A-san wasn’t sure she heard it right xD)
(blame it on that orgasmic voice of his, omg, HOTNESS!! He kept ahhh-ing when he talked and that made my knees weak. Oh oh, the way Takki said You Tachi in that tiny little high pitched voice was sooooo cute LOL)

A-san really liked the kimi mo kimi mo kimi mo kimi mo kimi mo T&T part where Takitsuba pointed to audience. Cuteness ^^

Call Battle

By the time the battle started, Tsu got rid of his jacket already, ahhh yummy, tank top with silver pants (LOL I really couldn’t get over the silver pants ne), Takki, on the other hand, was still fully dressed (duh!)


The call went on for a while, Takki pretended to take his jacket off, fan screamed, but at the end kept it on, what a teaser!! (duh duh show me you biceps!!), Tsu shhhhhh-ed us all then yelled ‘se no’ without his mic, fans screamed “TSUBASA”, Tsu, still no mic, yelled ‘Arigatou!’ So, Takki did that too, and got the same loud “TAKKI” response ^^

Tsubasa then borrowed Takki’s uchiwa from a fan, looked at it, petted gently on Takki’s head (on the uchiwa), looked at it again, and *SMOOCHES* LOL he really kissed Takki’s lips on that uchiwa, omg I wanna be that uchiwa’s owner! No, better yet, I wanted to be that uchiwa!~ XD I bet if it’s a 3D uchiwa, we’d probably see some tongue actions! *runs* (btw, does this count as a kiss he mentioned during the second show? LOL)

Takki reached out to borrow Tsu’s uchiwa from a fan, we were wondering why it was a color (pink?) uchiwa since their uchiwas were both white this time. Takki hugged it lovingly but when he looked at the uchiwa, it was one of the Juniors’ LOL Takki pretended to be mad as the drama king should be, stomping his feet quite loud ^^

Ok boys, even though we are crazy, we still need to breathe ne, screaming Takki Tsubasa Takki Tsubasa Takki Tsubasa non-stop without a break almost sent me to ICU *grabs O2 mask* LOL

Seriously, I wanted to see Takki kissed Tsu’s too (either on uchiwa or on Tsu’s lips, I wouldn’t mind at all XD) I was half-expecting the call battle to go on longer than this, undressing themselves if possible, but I guessed they had another show lined up so everything had to be on time ne? ^^ so moving on

Mini MC

Takki finally took off his jacket, revealing the same tank top as Tsuba but with slightly different design. Takki’s had 2 sparkling bead stripes from his shoulders straight down, while Tsu’s had one of the same stripe from his collar down to his left hip.

Arigatou!! Tackey-ando-Tsubasa desu! Konnichiwa~~!

Said everyone was genki, and welcomed us all to T&T concert, glad they’re here today. They guessed that audience who were here during kuricon last year were also here today. Also, there should be some concert first-timer (YES!! YES!! RIGHT HERE!!!) Each concert was different, so they hoped everyone would have fun during the entire show.

Said fans were very genki, perfect for Osaka. This time, the tour was very long, today was the last day, so it’s a sabishii feeling ne~, but they’d do their best today!

Looking around the hall, there’s a lot of mothers and kids, we’ve just heard a guy calling ‘Tsubasa’, so all kids should keep up with that too ne~ Then Takki asked ‘chibiko genki desu ka?’ and got some not-too-loud responses from the kids, damn cute! LOL

douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! Let’s dance and sing together!!

Kakko Tsukanai Tonight

Same outfit as the MC, their biceps were really yummy LOL

*pouts* They didn’t get THAT close to each other during the me to me part, in fact, I mean they looked at each other but they didn’t actually do that MOE pose! *pouts pouts* << ungrateful fangirl in effect LOL

I just realized that the way they did the furitsuke was slightly different, the hand movements and all (hips didn’t count since Tsu’s hip was out of this world, and even if Takki was an alien, he couldn’t imitate that. End of story xD)

I think the song was way shorter than the original version ne?

Natsu no Kaze

T&T stood separately on the main stage, towards the front, then the platform elevated. A-san made a comment that you can’t be an idol if you’re acrophobia, LOL so true!

YES YES! They also sang this song LIVE! *dies in heaven* What a beautiful song ne, really really beautiful.

Towards the end of the song, Takki walked to the center stage, while Tsu remained on the main stage, and then Takki had to sing the last verse alone since Tsu had to go prepare for his solo. I don’t understand this, why couldn’t they just finish the song together?! I wouldn’t mind a 30-second Junior break or something like that ^^” but oh well….

Takki finished the song, and disappeared down the hidden stairs on the walkway to the center stage.



FIVE members were on stage when Tsubasa walked in to join them. I was looking at the monitor for 5 seconds before snatching the binoculars from A-san! OMG! TSUBASA WAS SHIRTLESS!!! *BRAIN EXPLODES* I could totally die right there, dehydrating to the max from drooling LOL I remember screaming so loud, tugging A-san’s arm ‘look look, no shirt no shirt!’ LOL Poor A-san ^^”

And he’s not fat ne, more muscle of course, his body was much bigger and no longer a perfect uke body, but not fat, in fact, damn hot! OMG!! And when he turned his back towards us *squeeee* was that his undies I saw?! LOL

(which brought me to this nagging question: Why did he have to leave Natsu no Kaze early when he didn’t actually have to dress up?! As I recalled, they can change their pants in a split second! Jeans might take a little longer but still! XDD)

HOLY COW! Toriko was super hot! Sex God in disguise! RAWWWWWW Tsubasa looked just like a rock star! He totally enjoyed this! And according to A-san, the lyrics was super sexy too! Anata-sama, I’d like to have your kiss…. *melts* KAKKOIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! *dies*


Takki appeared at the back stage with that keyboard guy (my apologies, I’m pretty bad with names ^^”), wearing a sleeveless white shirt, a black with gold lining scarf and a red satin scarf (YES, I think there were two scarves ^^), and black/gold weird leather pants XD

Completely mood changed. 100% contrast from Toriko. Light keyboard/piano sound, very soothing and beautiful.


My heart skipped a beat again when he started singing. So beautiful and emotional. Like he’s pouring his heart into this song *melts to no end*

Also, whoever said that Takki was not a good singer should go get their butts kicked. He was brilliant! and I wasn’t biased!

The cart took him to the center stage, where he stepped on one of the elevated platform, which raised up fairly high, while the rest of the platforms elevated to create stairs/steps for him to walk down towards the end of the song. Amazingly beautiful.

Kiseki was a special song for me to begin with, as it’s the song that got me into Takitsuba, and hearing Takki singing this piano version live like this, I’m so totally falling in love with him all over again ^___^ This song’s just got a new higher level of meanings to me.

Sugoi ne, Takizawa-san, you’re super kakkoiii with your own style!

Pride the END

All dark for 5 seconds or less, Tsubasa walked up from the trapdoor on the side of the walkway to the center stage. Takki got rid of his scarves, and got a new sleeveless jacket on. Their jackets had different color linings, of course, pink for Takki, and purple for Tsubasa.. boy, I love little details like this ^^


Their pants were nice (matching with their jackets), don’t get me wrong, but here comes the weird part about them, they were leather, black and golden skin-like thingy leather, but the R&J area on the pants used different material that looked much softer than leather LOL some net-like fabric, so I was wondering why? XDD (and why on earth should I have to wonder about this?!)

But I didn’t really have time to think about it during the show. *____* OMG! Pride! Takki! Tsubasa! HIPS! *fanselfs* HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!


*___* It wasn’t a dream right? I saw TWO SEX GODS ON THE CENTER STAGE! OMG OMG OMG!! DAMN HOT! *dies* Those leg pumping moves…those hips…. it’s a miracle I’m still alive… XDD (though for a second, I was hoping they didn’t wear that long jacket so I could get a clearer view of their butts LOL) I couldn’t stop kyaaaaa-ing and drooling! Diamond rocked my world!

I totally got it now, why everyone said that you have to watch Pride and Diamond LIVE! DVD could NOT do any justice to these songs! It couldn’t capture the heat of the moments! (BUT I don’t mind having a clip from this concert either Avex-sama! Off-shot or whatever! Give us something from Osaka too!!!)

Real DX

*wind sound effect* Takitsuba walked back to the main stage, it’s time for T&T anthem. And I screamed my head off again! LOL how nice was it to be able to see this performance and compared it to those clips I’ve seen them performed before when they’re younger (^___^)v super cool!

At the end of the songs, there’s a short break with juniors, Takitsuba walked into the magic box things then disappeared, leaving those juniors on stage and I couldn’t remember what they were doing at all LOL

Love Lucky

Intro of Rabu Lucky started! We looked all over the places, guessing where Takitsuba would show up. And there they were OMG! in the middle of arena seats between block A and B!!! Tsubasa was on the left side this time, so Takki! OMG! Takki was at the corner where arena A5-A6-B5-B6 met, and the cart was soon rolling down to turn around at the end of block C5. A-san and I were screaming and screaming because we’d be in that B5 during the next show! We’d get to see Takki up close! *dies*

T&T took off their jacket, so now they’re only wearing sleeveless white shirts, same pants. I saw a glimpse of red tank top inside, so definitely, the shirt would fly off soon LOL

Takki’s and Tsubasa’s carts met at the center stage where they switched places and move on to the next song!

Hey! Listen to the Music

Now now, gave the boys their toys so they could have fun! LOL Smoke gun (whatever it’s called) in their hands, and they kept playing with it LOL Tsu basically wouldn’t let go of the gun! A transformation from a Sex God to a super cute kid! XDD

The carts brought them to the walkway where they climbed up and walked back to the main stage.


T&T got rid of their sleeveless white shirt, leaving only red tank tops with gold/silver/bronze/white design… was it a wing? flowers? or a dragon? +__+ and putting on a new kimono-like samurai/japanese style outfit (oh boy, I don’t even know how to describe it LOL). Anyway, very kakkoiii!

My goodness!~ Samurai was super HOT HOT HOT! Very rock-ish, me likes! I totally can’t wait for the single and the PV!!!

Lots of fire effects on stage, very cool!! (urr.. probably hot?). btw, wonder how Takki felt when there’s that loud bursting sound on stage XD


Takitsuba took off their Samurai outfits, now wearing only red tank tops, and yes, that weird-around-R&J-area leather pants XDD

BTW, I saw Takki’s infamous underarm strap clearly for the first time ROFL well, he’s kakkoiii, that’s the obvious, but that strap looked to be very uncomfortable yo! Whatever material it’s made of, wouldn’t his underarm burn from the friction if he moved too much? That’s my question of the day XDD

Talked about Samurai, being a theme song for a baseball team. Tsu’s solo in Osaka in August, and 24jikan terebi also in August but in Tokyo (fans applaused/kyaaaa-ed)

kansai juniors will be the support/back dancing for Tsu’s solo, Tsubasa hoped to have several things on the show, so audience can enjoy and have fun (still don’t know what LOL)

Tsu mentioned some kansai junior names: Nakata, Tanaka, and Nakata
Takki: ehh, why are there two Nakata?
Tsu: umm.. Nakata,Tanaka, Nakata, and Tanaka hai!
Takki: you couldn’t remember their names?!
Tsu: it’s easier to remember (like this)
(kansai juniors came out, scream erupted from every direction, A-san and I went o_O”)
Jr: who’s Nakata Tanaka?
Tsu: eh, you don’t have (anyone by this name)?
Jr: nope
(very aho, so cute!)

There’s one junior who looks a LOT like Takki! LOL A-san was like, ehhh, did Takki change his outfit? xD I thought so for a split second too! I mean he’s not as kakkoiii and good looking of course! But his hair reminds me of Takki during his darker shade of blonds days ^^ Yappari, another Takki’s copy to support Tsubasa LOL Oh man, Tsu shall have a lot of fun in August! *giggles*

T&T thanked Jr for their help today, then they talked about junior concert in August. So Takki told them that when they’re supporting Tsubasa, they can practice along too. (ie: as in learn from Tsubache, I guess), juniors said they’ll do their best.

So Takki went on and asked if they’ve already split responsibilities among juniors for th upcoming concert (such a leader personality in him *melts*), juniors said nope, they’ll learn from their senpais first then decide who does what.

The juniors asked if they have to say ‘aishiteru yo’ on stage too? Tsu then told them that it’s very tedious ne, saying this at every single concert (oh yeah, right, you want to whisper it to your aikata’s ear instead of yelling it out loud right, Tsuba-chan? XDD)

They moved on to talk about concert experience, that it’s very exhausting after each concert, Takki then mentioned Aishiteru ze in every concert, so Tsubasa insisted that it took a lot of energy *giggles* The kids laughed and said something like, it doesn’t look that hard ne. Tsu beamed, and said: really? so this means I’m a pro ne~

*dies laughing* (pro as in saying ‘I love you’ to Takki? Tsubasa-kun, I bet you practiced a lot at home ne~ LOL)

Jr: (that statement is) soooo Tsubasa-kun! (biased kids, they only praised Tsu LOL)

So, Takki said let’s work together till the end of the concert na, the juniors left. They moved on to talk about Takki’s Enbujou in July, Tsu helped advertised by telling audience to go pick up a flyer on the way into the hall (family business? LOL)

Talked about 24jikan terebi again, Takki said something about running 100m in the morning, Tsu teased him that it’s dangerous ne~ lol (in fact, the marathon runner for this show has to run 100km xD) They’re both laughing and smiling, soooooo cute!!

Then Takki went on to tease Tsu about 7-8 years ago, Tsu always talked non-sense and used wrong words so it didn’t make any sense (how cute!) Tsubasa instantly denied that. LOL Takki said that Tsu is getting much better compared to the old days (as in he could tease Takki back? A-san, help! +__+) OMG, Tsubasako came back for a split second, he must be either really shy or embarassed XDD (fans screamed)

So, Tsubasa tried to get away by changing topic back to 24jikan terebi AGAIN! OMG, this was so cute! LOL Takki laughed but gave in anyway.

Basically Tsu can tease his aikata whatever he wants, but not the other way around ne? bwahaha!! Poor you Hide-kun~ ^___^

This year will be 30th anniversary of 24jikan tv, Takki said: we will do our best during this day (24 hours), every one too, please help out, bits and pieces, to make it grande~ (I want to help! I want this year T-shirt! A-san!! I want that T-shirt!! Onegaishimasu!! *puppy eyes*) xD Takki went back to talk about running 100m again, said he wanted to try running (hyper, wasn’t he?). They then talked about who’d be the runner this year, there’s a lot of names on the list, dansei dansei josei dansei josei dansei josei dansei (oh man, you gotta hear Takki saying this, soooooo cute!) He guessed it might be a female runner this year (I saw they announced on Monday morning news, it’s an old oji-san ne?).

Talked about Takki’s cellphone, his current ringtone is Pink Lady’s UFO, but Korean version LOL Takki changed his cellphone, he talked about the voicemail system, how he wanted to be kakkoiii, so he chose English version XD

Tsu: ehhh masaka? everything in English?
Takki: Takki. Hi. Bye Bye (his voicemail greeting) XD
Tsu: Kakkoiiiii~ (ROFL!!)
Takki imitated someone’s leaving message for him in English (?)
Tsu laughed
That’s it for cellphone

Moving back to 24hrs tv for a bit, before started talking about their 5th anniversary! *loud applauses* Asked if fans followed them since pre-debut, now they’re thinking of what to do on the anniversary event to thank the fans, please wait enthusiastically ne~ (of course, you know we will!!!)

Takki then introduced Koi yo, said that lots of audience might not familiar with this song. Mentioned that before debut, they used to come to Osaka Jo hall too…..

Koi Yo

Takki and Tsubasa stood on the main stage, facing audience on the sides (which I think they’re too far apart ^^” They should have held hands while singing this song *runs*), 3 big screen started showing their chibi pictures/footages. A-san and I were giggling like a pair of lunatics, ooooh kawaiii ne kawaiiiiiiiii, ooooohhhh how cute! cute! Look at their outfits!! *giggles* OMG yeah, that went on for a while ^^”

The VTR was really neat, whoever compiled it did a great job na. I really hope the entire thing would be in the DVD, if not during the performance, it really has to be at the end as an extra bonus! It’s so nice to see them growing up together, their paths, their stories, together. Very touching ne.

What a beautiful song. Both solo and duet lines, they executed it beautifully, so incredibly amazing. Being a sucker for a ballad, this song hit me straight on. I almost cried towards the end, when the VTR showed their juniors time together: first duet RunRunRun, Tsu playing Piano while Takki singing Love You Only, those wonderful moments…. *sniffs* the VTR ended with them holding hands at the end of a (junior?) concert.

I pray for this song to be on their best of album, because it’s damn beautiful *crosses fingers*

BTW, before I went to this concert, I was trying to figure it out, which song is Koi Yo? Running out of time, instead of looking through Sugao discs, I chose to search for the setlists and of course, Koi Yo didn’t come up! When I realized it was the song they were off- tuned rehearsing during Sugao 3, I went.. bummer! me so dumb! *head desks* LOL Speaking of Sugao 3, their voices really changed A LOT ne, more mature and all, seeing them then, comparing to now, they really did grow up beautifully ne. *teary eyes* Thank you, kamisama, for destining them to be toegether. I’m so glad for my chance to be a Takitsuba fan ne.


Latin beats were playing for a short while, before actual Sadame intro kicked in, Takki showed up at the main stage, wearing white tank top, black jacket with silver rim, black pants and black sparkling hat (why couldn’t he just sing Black Butterfly too, everything is all black already?! LOL) Hence, I melted into a puddle of goo in my own drools yet again LOL oh boy, SO HOT! (I somewhat wanted to take his hat off though LOL come on! Who wouldn’t want to look at his kakkoiii face?)

I love it when he danced! SO CUTE!! urr I mean VERY KAKKOIIII!!!! LOL those stiff movements! And his serious face when he danced, super cute! Hey, he did a great job, it was damn HOT! *drools*

Takki danced with juniors on the main stage the entire song. I love this song ever since I heard the radio-ripped verion. I love it even more when I heard the HQ from the single. Now, I love this song to no end after seeing Takki’s performance ^__^


I remember whining that I wouldn’t get to see Slave of Love, which I’m still whining. But Edge…. Edge…. holy moly…. *heavy breathing*

Special intro kicked in, while the big screen briefly showed Tsu’s previous Edge performance, then the real EDGE began, Tsu was wearing white tank top, with white shirt and faded black leather pants (it looked like jeans at the beginning, but I think it’s leather). He started dancing, and I was dead on the floor. *___*

He danced by himself on the main stage at the beginning, then those juniors joined him later on *fanselfs* Don’t ask me how those juniors danced, since I didn’t even peek their way LOL

Towards the end of the song, Tsu moved to the walkway to the center stage, and stopped 1/4 way, where the red light was shining and the wind was blowing from underneath, and I was so dead in heaven, OMG, how could he be THIS HOT?! *thuds*

Junior Corner

Thank god for this break, so I could catch my breath and gather my braincells back XD On the contrary, fans around us were still on their feet, screaming their lungs out… oooh Kansai Juniors had a lot of fans ne, I saw a bunch of juniors uchiwa too~


T&T came back on the main stage, along with the intro to Kamen, fans scramed really loud! They dressed in a similar way, white tank tops, sleeveless vest, leather pants, but different styles.



KAMEN! oh boy, my entire report is so full of this word: HOT! Because they’re really really HOT HOT HOT!!! Their dance steps were very kakoiiiiii ne~ *___* My brain pretty much left me to heaven already LOL

Kamira Tamara

This was the song in question, since both A-san and I couldn’t recall where they were. LOL But according to a super weird drawing right next to the song name in my notebook, I think they either walked or ran to the center stage, then took a cart to each side of the walkways. Takki did that silly pointing move too, very adorable!

One Day One Dream

Takki and Tsubasa were on the back stage for a short while before stepping on the elevated platform on spot C and D. Ahhh it’s nice to see them that close again (lol, wait for the second show girl!) Everyone around our area danced like a pack of lunes LOL Tsu’s hip was out of this world, yet again, how could he moved like that?! *__* I mentioned it before that I will never ever blame Takki if he forgets his furitsuke, his uke aikata is too distracting! LOL

Hito Natsu no..

T&T switched side, Tsu walked to the left, Takki to the right. If I wasn’t afraid I would fell down the stand, I would have jumped every single time Takki jumped LOL oh man, he’s so hyper! They finally made their way back to the main stage after jumping up and down, playing with the audience.

Yume Monogatari

Staff-sans brought out 2 long coats, ooooh they looked so familiar! OMG!! Those furry coats! XDDD

Takitsuba started off singing acapella… *melts*

Daremo Kataranai Ashita Utae
Utsukushiku Sakasemashou Koi No Hana

Then the ORIGINAL YUMEMO BEATS kicked in! YES! And the entire hall went totally NUTS! LOL —– Takki! —– Tsubasa! OMG! It’s so much fun watching this song LIVE, I danced and drooled at the same time, multi-tasking me! LOL (A -san: *shakes head*)

T&T turned around during the guitar solo part, and did some mini twists with the juniors, Tsu’s butt was shaking/wiggling.. ooooh boy, priceless XD Takki, on the other hand, shook his body so hard that his boa fell down LOL super cute!

They let the audience help with the last verse of the song.


Furry coats off. T&T thanked all the fans. Takki introduced all junior groups backdancing for them. Then he introduced FIVE member one by one (ooh I like the bass dude! ^^), each of them got to solo their instruments too.

Then, my favorite part, Takki held out his left hand, and without looking, Tsubasa placed his hand in Takki’s, they held hands still for a few seconds, while Takki said ‘Takki and Tsubasa!!’, they then raised theirs arms up, and bowed! SUGOIIIIII!!! I SO FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS MOMENT!!

They thanked fans again, waved good bye then left the stage~

It ended with Yume tunes.


Takki *claps claps* Tsubasa *claps claps* started right after the music end, lol. At first, the entire hall wasn’t in synch, but we adjusted quickly, so the call got louder.

Can I say something about Japanese fans? They’re soooooooo ..urr.. polite! I was expecting encore to be loud, like really really LOUD, but it turned about to be a normal/soft Takitsuba called. Is this normal in Japan? If so, oh boy, Takitsuba must have thought that THAI fans were a bunch of barbarians when they went to Thailand a couple years ago! You know, Thai people, we’re so loud and we hardly listened to any rules when we’re high! And kids these days scream like hell breaks loose. LOL Let’s hope Thai fans didn’t freak them out ne ^^”


*breathe Sara breathe!* I didn’t know I was holding my breath for that long, but I did during this song. When the light dimmed and came back up again, Takki and Tsubasa walked up from the stairs on the walkway to the center stage. They wore white suits with black strips/rims, and black t-shirt inside. GORGEOUS!

They took spots on the circle stage, started singing Epilogue for a while before the stage elevated into a staircase, higher on Takki’s side (left). Then the other circle stage came down from the above. They both walked up the stairs to the new circle stage, then the stairs came down to the normal stage level, leaving them on top of that mini stage. All these under white/blueish lightings. Some feathers falling down from the roof. So painfully beautiful and emotional.

I was totally stunned. My chest felt so tight during the entire song, maybe finally realizing that this very first T&T concert I attended was about to come to an end. Once again thank our seats for this incredible sight.

(Love Spiral)

As soon as Epilogue ended, Love Spiral tune started ^^ Mood changing dramatically again!!

Takitsuba took off their white suits, showing the new tour t-shirt. Takki’s t-shirt was a regular one, but he tried to pull his sleeves up all the time to make it a tank top(?) LOL The fashion leader Tsubasa, on the other hand, was very well prepared. His sleeves got cut short, and the logo that was usually on the bottom left of the t-shirt was on the back of his right sleeve instead, very creative! And I bet all female fans wanted Tsu’s version of this t-shirt! It looked much cuter than the regular T, come on!


Ehhhhhhhhhhh?! *looks again* Waaaaaaaait a second… *digs through a pile of photos* I took it back!!! Takki’s t-shirt wasn’t a regular one! His t-shirt was V-neck, without collar! NOW NOW, I want that one too! (or a combo, Tsu’s sleeves with Takki’s V-neck would be the best!)

Anyway, they walked around the hall, singing and thanking the fans, then they bidded their goodbye and left the stage together.

Ehhhhhhh?! that’s it? what? Fans started to leave?! woah, Japanese fans were not very persistant ne, I thought they would at least try to bug T&T for another round ^^” Oh well, there’s still another concert to go, so I guess it’s the right thing to let Takitsuba rest and regain their energy!

So, that’s it for my first ever T&T concert! OMG I don’t even know what to say! It was soooooooooooo amazingly wonderful. I’m so totally glad I decided to go to this concert ne~ It was a crazy decision at that time, but in the end, it’s worth more than I’d ever imagined. Thank god A-san agreed to go with me, even though she’d never been to a concert before in her life, otherwise, this wouldn’t be possible AT ALL! A-san, I LOVE YOU!!! *chu chu*

o_O Holy cow, this is much longer than I thought! XDDD If you actually read everything from the beginning through this point, I salute you! XD


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