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November 15, 2007 | takitsuba |


Thank goodness for this fanvid, A-san is falling in love with TxT all over again XD in love enough, to decide to write a fanfic! *bounces*

I first knew A-san from one of the webboards 7-8 years ago. We’ve become friends because I was a big fan of her novels.

She’s really gifted with words, if she decided to go angst, she could make us all choke easily, but when she’s being silly, she’s seriously on crack ^^

that’s why I’m so thrilled that she’s going to write a T&T fanfic *throws confetti* Of course, knowing A-san, it’ll never be anywhere near NC-17 *LOL*but that doesn’t matter, long or short, whatever rating it is. I love her writing, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

*bounces happily in bed*

A-san, ILU!!!

back to the fanvid, the song that was used in this video has a very nice lyrics. I think it fits Takki and Tsubasa story pretty well

Something called Heart



2 Responses to tiny little ‘x’

  1. pT says:

    Hello, I’m T&T’fan and nice to meet you.

    Oh~I have watched this fanvid.
    The lyric’s song very nice.~>//

  2. naughtiest says:

    hello hello~ nice to meet you too!
    I’ve been listening to this song for this past several days, really nice lyrics indeed! ^^

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