The Sign

November 14, 2007 | et cetera, takitsuba |

On the way to work today, I put my ipod on shuffle mode for the first time in months. The first song that came up made me giggle to Pluto.

The Sign by Ace of Base

Holy cow, I didn’t even know I have this song on my ipod! xD I’m not sure if I should feel young or old though LOL This song brought back so many memories…

During my school days, The Sign was a big huge GIANT hit everywhere

I remember every single time my friends and I went clubbing, whenever The Sign came up, it was an absolute MADNESS! Everyone was dancing, singing, and screaming like crazy, possibly because we’re half-drunk, but that didn’t matter xD it was fun!


I missed those days.

The days where responsibilities only meant getting good grades on transcripts. The rest was all about fun

I really missed those days….

anyway, the next thing I realized I kept hitting skip skip skip skip skip skip…..until I found T&T song *heads wheel*

LaLaLa~ happily defeated the purpose of shuffling songs!! LOL


almost forgot about a dream I had last night after reading on bon-chan’s blog about Tsu’s solo rumor…

I had a dream about 2 solo singles, released on the same day (yeah, I know I know, impossible, but it’s my dream!!) the cutest thing is both covers can be joined together as in .. they’re from the same photoshoot.

Something only T&T can do, eh? ^__^


the Sign! XDD


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